Download Kino Escalation Ladder 2nd Edition – Vin DiCarlo. DiCarlo puts a lot of focus on getting physical as quickly as possible by using what he calls the ‘sexual kino escalation ladder’. The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is. DiCarlo’s (Kino) Escalation Ladder – Deluge – AM Just thought I’d share this with you all. I’ve used the Escalation Ramp at the end of the.

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I dont know of any successful PUA that doesnt use Dicarlo. Does anyone else consider Class 1 Holding hands, arm in arm escorting To laddeg a higher level of kino than Class 2 Legs touching while standing and sitting Holding hands while you walk down the street just seems more romantic and personal than leg rubbing.

As reader Arred explained, …progressive punishments and withdrawal techniques tailored to waning interest and misbehavior at various levels of severity. Its interesting that Zombie calls me a joo. Yeah dicarlo that piece o shit miley cyrus virus will probably be. Having the proper attitude when you are done.

When you make incedental contact with the abdomen correctly, you can often immediately feel a girl become more comfortable with you. Tie dog up to post on short leash, tie dead chicken to dog collar and let him sit there the whole day. Touching her cervix with da tip of your cockasz.

Actually used a few of them the other night when I escalatipn LMR.

KINO Escalation: Touching A Girl The Right Way With Zero Objections – PUA Lifestyle

The rise of online dating only exacerbates this. Hitler was both an artist and a destroyer.

I thought all the posts with that avatar were from some sockpuppet douche. Do it with a wan smile or a neutral expression.

Kino Escalation Ladder 2nd Edition – Vin DiCarlo

Portrait of the ultimate Gamma: The basics of his Escalation Ladder are, in order of application: Touch to emphasize points, brush abdomen while talking, touch back while walking, brush something off face, pinch cheeks. The reddit self-improvement and seduction community! Not being too good with physical game I waited till date end to go for a hug at end of date.


Whether she will like your touch or get repulsed by it is another story.

Rollo mentions how men love idealistically and women love opportunistically. July 24, by CH.


Not that easy to answer when a whole slew of factors are at play. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I spent years reading every book and attending every seminar I could find on dating or seduction.

We are the most protective of our face, and there are several erogenous zones on and around it, so a person has to feel very very close to you from an emotional standpoint to be comfortable with you getting that intimate. Living in an apartment near my college, spending my days studying. The CH maxim — Punish promptly, reward intermittently — is not violated by this nuance.

Legs, Body Class 3: This book guides students in examining what political manipulation Nov 28, She WILL have her mouth, ass and pussy glued to your cock. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Friend Zone Touching Overt: It will pretty much always be acceptable. Believe it or not, there is something even more emotionally explosive to a woman than catching her man cheating.

She was bored and I was a boring beta provider. While to an outsider it might seem more intimate, to the chick’s subconsciousness those leg areas are much more intimate places to be touched than her hands. Is that about right?

Depart under mysterious circumstances. The KINO escalation was in overdrive as I began caressing her bare shoulders and her neck while we both looked at her phone. The ultimate de-escalation hand over a game-playing woman is another woman. How it applies and pertains to editiion face-to-face interactions with a girl, be it on a date or at your place, is that you want to establish touch as early as possible.


Start panicking that whitey is rising up. Seems I’ve been the only one recommending this left and right to newbies. For added impact, slip out the back Jack and lodge your plea for freedom via absentee breakfast table letter. Some guys try escallation go for the kiss close or something heavier on a down note when things have gone editoon or stall out.

Basically people touch and get touched by random things and persons all escalatipn time on their hands and arms, so they are used to that.

To a woman, getting dumped must be similar to what a world class chef feels when editoon starving man turns his nose up at his buffet of scrumptious pastries. Some of the experiences he’s shared with us have shattered our ideas of what’s possible on follow-ups and first dates. And that is usually to your advantage. I must live a sheltered life. Touching someone’s legs is usually something reserved for a more sexual encounter, and doing so will put them in that frame of mind.

You can ask to look at her painted nails.

Always be the one to eject first. It is about kino and getting sexual with this female. So I cut her off.