Dicranopteris linearis. Photo: Petra Ballings Vumba, Jevington road. Dicranopteris linearis. Photo: Bart Wursten Aberfoyle, Honde Valley. The plant can spread rapidly and is used in soil stabilization schemes. Known Hazards. In places where the plant’s habitat has been burned over, the stiff, erect . Description. Rhizome widely creeping, glabrous at maturity. Fronds spaced apart. Stipe up to 1 m long, golden brown, glabrous. Lamina times dichotomously.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Apparently, high doses are harmful and decoctions are applied externally as a cooling lotion rather than drunk, unless they are prepared from young leaves or in a low dose in combination with other ingredients. Growing plant Photograph by: In Hawaii a plant extract is drunk as a cure for constipation.

Production is only locally important in tropical Africa. The plant is also used for medicinal purposes, being made into a poultice, and infusions and decoctions for fever.

Flora Search – Flora details. The indeterminate growth form, the shallow rhizomes, the leaves with low decomposability and its mat-forming capacity enables it to colonize sites and to maintain dominance.

In DR Congo the leaf axes are used to make a basket-type trap for fishes and are plaited for the construction of local beds.


Transactions of the Linnean Society of London. A new classification of Gleicheniales. The ecology of the climbing fern Dicranopteris linearis on windward Mauna Loa, Hawaii. It was described formerly as one of the lineaeis of D. This page was last modified on 13 Aprilat Veins of ultimate segments branching at least twice between midvein and margin, and bearing red-brown glands.

Insects associated with this species: Dicranopteris linearis is a common species of fern known by many common names, including Old World forked fernuluhe Hawaiianand dilim Filipino.

Dicranopteris linearis

Once established, they are difficult to clear, thus making it very difficult for seedlings of other forest trees to grow and restore gaps and open spaces in forests. The stems of this fern can be woven together to make mattings, fish-traps, chair seats, walls, pouches, caps, and ropes.

Sori superficial, in a median row on each side of the midrib, subcircular, 1 mm in diameter; sporangia without indusia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dicranopteris linearis (PROSEA) – PlantUse English

As the fibres are fairly salt resistant, they are widely used for making fish-traps. Tests in the Philippines revealed that water extracts showed positive antimicrobial activity against Micrococcus luteus and Escherichia coli.

The archegonia are long-necked and curve forward, the antheridia many-celled and scattered over the lower surface. Spore germination of D. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. This plant is used medicinally to treat intestinal worms in Indochinaskin ulcers and wounds in New Guineaand fever in Malaysia.


Liinearis us at dbsthh nus. Life Cycle For an account of the life history of a fern, see Pyrrosia piloselloides. Spores developing on the underside of the frond Photograph by: In Asia the use Lineais linearis fibre is dying out as the ready-for-use fibres for matting and weaving have become very expensive. The medicinal uses and properties deserve further investigation. Clearing the dense thickets of Resam requires burning.

Dicranopteris linearis (Burm.f.) Underw.

Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this. It is possible some smaller populations might be threatened by introduced weeds tolerant of heated soils but there is no hard evidence available to confirm this.

There are 7 Wikipedia citations related to Dicranopteris linearis Burm. A preliminary checklist of the vascular dicranoptfris of Mozambique.

Dicranopteris linearis Mei he Wikipedia x – 26k – jpg to. In northern Thailand, decoctions are drunk against insomnia and used to bathe children with bad skin rash and people with a broken leg. Dicranopteris linearis Dicranopteris linearis x – k – jpg www2.