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DIN Fundamentals of metrology – Part 3: Evaluation of measurements of a single measurand, measurement uncertainty. standard by. DIN Basic concepts in metrology; Terminology relating to the uncertainty of measurement and the assessment of measuring instruments and. Standard DIN Fundamentals of metrology – Part 3: Evaluation of measurements of a single measurand, measurement uncertainty.

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Information processing – Coding on data media – Part 4: Treatment of Uncertainties in the Evaluation of Measurements. Ventilation Ducts; Definitions, Requirements and Tests.

Thermal protection and energy economy in buildings – Part 3: Fasteners – Part 2: Bibliographic references to documents – Part 1: Compressed air equipment for 13319-3 vehicles – Pressure vessels made of steel – Dimensions, designation.

Evaluation of radiation by different detectors.

Electricity meters – Part 2: Fasteners – Part ein Hot rolled I-sections – Part 1: Packaging – Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation – Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging. Ductile iron pressure pipes with socket with cement-mortar lining for gas and water pipelines; dimensions and masses.

  BS EN 13001-2 PDF

Lead storage batteries; starter batteries for starting, lighting and ignition, 12 V, 27, 36, 45, 54 and 63 Ah, for lateral basic fastening You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. Turntable ladders and similar fire fighting vehicles; Purpose, concepts, safety equipment, requirements. Photographic sensitometry, determination of the speed of black and white negative materials for pictorial photography Physics of radiation in the field of optics and illuminating engineering – Part 5: Hammer and chisel signs mining symbol.

Photographic sensitometry, determination of optical density; 131-3 conditions for transmission density ISO general purpose metric screw threads – Part 4: Technical delivery conditions; Property classes for nuts Hardness classes. Pipe threads for tubes and fittings; sizes for taper screw limit plug gauges for parallel internal thread.

Physics of radiation in the field of optics and illuminating engineering – Part 6: Technical specifications; Steel screws, bolts and studs with adhesive coating. Wiring and disposition of electrical equipment. Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references Use 139-3 dates from March Articles containing German-language text.

Electricity meters, tariff time switches and ripple control receivers; connection diagrams, terminal marking, circuit diagrams.


Film 70 mm ; projection reel. Marking of auxiliary terminals for tariff devices according to IEC-Report Full References to Printed and Published Documents.

List of DIN standards

Subscription pricing is determined by: Artificial lighting – Part 3: Alphanumeric office machines – Alphanumeric keyboards, keyboard arrangement for manually operated typewriters. ENEN Industrial automation; numerical control of machines; format, preparatory and miscellaneous functions.

Minimum requirements to thermal insulation. Fire behaviour of building materials and elements – Part 4: Symbols for use in the field of static converters using semiconductor devices.

List of DIN standards – Wikipedia

Quantities, symbols and units of illuminating engineering. Overview and design of classified building materials, elements and components. Application-related requirements for thermal insulation materials – Factory made products. Terminal markings for motor vehicles ; scope, principles, requirements. Dimensions and allocation of probes and gas-specific connection points for terminal units for compressed medical gases and vacuum.