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Frame imperfections notation Note. Account may sometimes need to be taken of slip where trusses have a bracing function e. DIN Part 1 Ultimate limit state analysis by the elastic-elastic method: Connection by means of countersunk head bolt or rivet NR, d Note. This does not apply in cases of continual load transmission. The factor of 1. That of other types shall be derived from the information given in the table. The magnitude of strain, c, may be freely selected, but the limit bending moments in the piastic.

This is not necessary in the case of preloaded fitted frictiongrip bolt connections. The sway imperfections likely to be of relevance in frames will be such as may occuras a result of deviations from the design dimensions occurring during the anticipated fabrication and erection.

Grips, clamps and anchorages for use in conjunction with such members shall be designed to take account of these corrosion protection measures.

DIN – Steel structures – Part 1: Design and construction (Foreign Standard)

Va Reference shall be made to item where the piasticplastic method of analysis is used and to item where connections are in single shear and and ddin. Analyses may concentrate on stresses or internal forces and moments, covering the structure as a whole or paris of it, depending on the context and the type of analysis selected. Verification of durability Contact corrosion DIN Part 2 gives guidance on the avoidance of corrosion due to contact between parts made from steel and those made from other metals.


According to the safety philosophy on which this standard is based, characteristic values of actions and resistances assumed to vary shall be selected as p Yo-fractiles of the statistical distribution of these parameters e a as the 5O,-fractilethus enabling calculation of the partial safety factors required for the target probability of failure.

In elastic hinge theory, the internal forces and moments in the plastic hinges shall not exceed the limit internal forces and moments in the plastic state.

Extreme corrosion conditions are prevalent in the open air, for example. Some of these may contain additional specifications or such which deviate from the specifications of this standard due to their not yet having been brought into line with the design philosophy fundamental to this standard. Deformations may give rise to an increase in stresses if negative lift occurs calculation by second order theory; cf. The thickness of the grips and clamps at the soffit shall be limited so that reductions in friction force are as low as possible.

Page 21 Ultimate limit state analysis by the elastic-elastic method: The use of fitting pieces may be necessary to accommodate lateral pressure. INKiand SK shall be determined at the point in the member on which the ultimate limit state analysis is focused. Introduction on page I. If, in the ultimate limit state analysis of the net cross section, the axial stresses are lower than the limit axial stress, of the material making up the component.


In the case of sections with a plastic shape factor, apl,greater than 1,25, item shall be taken into account. If control of permanent loads means that there is a reliable guarantee that they will be maintained within their iimits,YF may be assigned a value of 1,05 if stress-increasing or 0,95 if stress-decreasing.

DIN 18800-1-1990-en.pdf

Studies relating to combination values are to be 6 found in the literature e. The ratio of tensile strength to yield strength is greater than 1.

Preloaded friction-grip connections ensure friction fit up to the limit of slip, whereas fitted shear bolt, preloaded fitted shear bolt and preloaded fitted friction-grip bolt connections ensure friction fit up to the limit of shear or bearing strength.

FE, k, d YF being equal to Page 15 7. However, such factors should not vin less than 1,35 unless the relevant standards permit smaller values. 118800-1

The type of anchorage required dim afunction of the type and diameter of the tension members selected, the structure to which they are to be connected,and any likely deformations e. Reference shall be made to the appropriate basic and specialized standards for other limit states. The above stipulation may be applied to beam connections which are not provided with stiffeners.