En la clasificación de Dubost, la disección abdominal representa del 1 al 2% de todas las disecciones aórticas, cuadro clínico aún más infrecuente si excluimos. El presente documento pretende ser una guía para la orientación diagnóstica y el tratamiento médico inicial de la disección aórtica aguda, proximal o distal. RESUMEN. Introducción: La disección aórtica es una enfermedad de pronóstico muy reservado, con una elevada mortalidad, aun cuando se diagnostique.

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In addition, many individuals experience claustrophobia while in the MRI scanning tube. It can also be the result of chest trauma. Multiple causes exist for AI in the setting of ascending aortic dissection. In this subset, disecciion incidence in young individuals is increased. In these cases, the inciting event is thought to be an intramural hematoma caused by bleeding within the media.

Severe hypotension at presentation is a grave prognostic indicator. Tex Heart Inst J. It is usually associated with pericardial tamponade, severe aortic insufficiency, or rupture of the aorta.

Due to the high-intensity magnetic fields used during MRI, it is contraindicated in individuals with metallic implants. Also, the area of dissection is removed and replaced with a Dacron graft to prevent further dissection from occurring. Rupture leads to hemorrhaging into a body cavity, and prognosis depends on the area of rupture.

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To delineate the aorta to the accuracy necessary to make the proper diagnosis, an iodinated contrast material is injected into a peripheral vein.

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The location of pain is associated with the location of the dissection. An acute dissection is one in which the individual presents within the first two weeks.

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Aortoiliac occlusive disease Degos disease Erythromelalgia Fibromuscular dysplasia Raynaud’s phenomenon. An MRI examination of the aorta produces a three-dimensional reconstruction of the aorta, disexcion the physician to determine the location of the intimal tear and the involvement of branch vessels, and to locate any secondary tears.

The Stanford classification is divided into two groups, A and B, depending on whether the ascending aorta is involved.

The reason for surgical repair of type A dissections is that ascending aortic dissections often airtica the aortic valve, which, having lost its suspensory support, telescopes down into the aortic root, resulting in aortic incompetence.

Disección aórtica aguda abdominal infrarrenal | Angiología

A TEE may be technically difficult to perform in individuals with esophageal strictures or varices. From Monday to Friday from 9 a. Separating the false lumen from the true lumen is a layer of intimal tissue known as the intimal flap. The particular treatment used depends disecion the segment or segments of aorta involved.

Computed tomography angiography is a fast, noninvasive test that gives an accurate three-dimensional view of the aorta. Among the recognized risk factors for aortic dissection, hypertension, abnormally high levels of lipids such as cholesterol in the bloodand smoking tobacco are considered preventable risk factors.

The calcium channel blockers typically used are verapamil and diltiazembecause of their combined vasodilator and negative inotropic effects. Retroperitoneal and pericardial ruptures are both possible. In an acute dissection, treatment choice depends on its location.

Views Read Edit View history. The high pressure rips the tissue of disecclon media apart along the laminated plane splitting the inner two-thirds and the outer one-third of the media apart. While the pain may be confused with the pain of a myocardial infarction heart attackaortic dissection is usually not associated with the other signs that suggest myocardial infarction, including heart failure and Aortkca changes.

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Aortic dissection – Wikipedia

Iatrogenic causes include trauma during cardiac catheterization or due to an intra-aortic balloon pump. While many institutions give sedation during transesophageal echocardiography for added patient comfort, it can be performed in cooperative individuals without the use of sedation.


Annals of Emergency Medicine. If the aortic dissection involves the abdominal aorta, compromise of the branches of the abdominal aorta is possible. Aortic dissection AD occurs when an injury to the innermost layer of the aorta allows blood to flow between the layers of the aortic wall, forcing the layers apart. D ICD – Ritter was initially misdiagnosed and subsequently treated for a heart attack. Pericardial tamponade is the most common cause of death from aortic dissection.

Strokemesenteric ischemiamyocardial ischemiaaortic rupture [2]. Aortic dissection is relatively rare, occurring at an estimated rate of three perpeople per year. Anterior chest pain is associated with dissections involving the ascending aorta, while interscapular back pain is associated with descending aortic dissections. Complications include compromise of a vital organ, rupture or impending rupture of the aorta, retrograde dissection into the ascending aorta.

Aortic dissection

Classically, new widening of the mediastinum on radiograph is of moderate sensitivity for detecting an ascending aortic dissection; however, this finding is of low specificityas many other conditions can cause apparent widening of the mediastinum. The scan then follows the contrast as it flows through the vessel. If the individual has refractory hypertension persistent hypertension on the maximum doses of three different classes of antihypertensive agentsan involvement of the renal arteries in the aortic dissection plane should be considered.

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Archived from the original on 5 January Turner syndrome also increases the risk of aortic dissection, by aortic root dilatation.