Dissidia Final Fantasy/Controls. From StrategyWiki, the video game various Set Menus. Start button, Help Manuals/Pause game whilst on chessboard. When you’ve got 31 of Final Fantasy’s greatest heroes and villains to choose from in Dissidia Duodecim, selecting a character as a main. Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. DISSIDIA is a trademark of Square Enix Co., LTD. the instruction manual supplied with the PSP┬« (PlayStation┬«Portable).

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Like ‘s Dissidiathe game is a one-on-one action-based fighting game, in which battles take place in three-dimensional arenas based on locations from the series, with characters that can level up and be fully customized. He encounters Exdeath, who had been trailing him to find out where he is hiding the sleeping warriors. Increments summoner’s Bravery by 75 per second for 33 seconds Activates when player’s Bravery is less than or equal to half their base Bravery.

Depending on the story mode, players can either form their own parties, or they are predetermined by the storyline. His bravery attacks in Dark Knight form are powerful, and he can use dissidka Dark Cannon ability to draw enemies within melee range.

Laguna, Vaan, and Yuna arrive, and Laguna tells the others of the portal to the Rift.

Instruction Manual – Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Message Board for PSP – GameFAQs

Sorry iPod corrected I meant moogles User Info: Anima – Valefor – Yojimbo Daigoro. She insists the warriors of Cosmos cannot win this war and the Warrior of Light agrees, turning his blade against her. It was directed by Mitsunori Takahashi, with Tetsuya Nomura returning to provide dissidka design based on Yoshitaka Amano ‘s artwork, and Takeharu Ishimoto composing the score.


Lightning lingers back, long enough for Kain to catch up with them before joining the fray. Question Status The character manual messages? Chapter 4CotC: Because Cecil has two forms, each with a different set of abilities, memorizing all of his skills can be tricky.

Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Character Basics Guide | GamesRadar+

Unlimited on PC Adventure – Labyrinth. The EX gauge can also be used to execute a new technique titled “EX Revenge,” which will slow down the opponent’s movement for several seconds at the cost of consuming the EX gauge without entering EX Mode. The opponent’s summon is either sealed for 75 seconds, is forced to summon, or rendered disaidia for the rest of the fight. Cloud has a strong ground game with high-damage bravery attacks and a few mid-ranged abilities.

Unlimited – Final Fantasy: Chaos’s minions depart after losing, knowing the five heroes cannot survive the manikins’ onslaught. World of Darkness Crystal Tower. All of her bravery attacks rely on her tentacles, so experienced opponents will be able to counter many of your attacks.

Summon (Dissidia 012)

Don’t have an account? The storyline of the original Dissidiaadapted to the new story gameplay mechanics, is playable after the new storyline of Dissidia has been completed. When the player enters a dungeonthe gameplay dissieia reverted to that of the board of the first Dissidia.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? The characters can be assigned profiles based on the job system to help them in battle, such as Black Mages receiving a boost to the power of magic attacks. The arenas present in the original Dissidia are back, with seven new additions: The game features both single player gameplay in which the player can progress through the story or stage fights against an AI and multiplayer to fight against friends.


The ” Skills ” command returns. A few changes are made to the gameplay, with the most notable being the introduction of the Assist system, which allows characters to call dissidoa ally into battle.

Downloadable content – Gameplay changes. Back at the Sanctuary, the Warrior of Disdidia battles alone against a vast swarm of manikins, but Cosmos destroys the horde at the cost of her own life.

Intrigued by his dissiria and his insistence that he isn’t fighting “for” anyone, but only to end the conflict and go home, the Cloud of Darkness reveals that the manikins are spilling out of a portal to the Rift, and is curious to see what manner of death he chooses for himself. Summonstones can be equipped prior to fighting and are represented by red orbs over the player’s health bar. Vaan and Laguna find Yuna, who fills them in on the events that transpired thus far.

Chapter 2Chapter 7CotC: Abilities – Enemies – Skills – Summonstones.

Kefka’s Tower Phantom Dissidiw. Chapter 7CotC: As the Emperor vanishes with Jecht’s body, she vows to stay with Tidus until he remembers who she is. If the opponent takes to the air, switch to Paladin form to access aerial combos. Cloud of Darkness uses her tentacles to execute stylish combos with devastating results. Some Summonstones have two appearances: Chapter 3CotC: