This academic pamphlet from Donna Haraway describes dog writing as “a branch of feminist theory, or the other way around.”. Buy The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People and Significant Otherness (Paradigm) 2nd ed. by Donna J Haraway (ISBN: ) from. The Companion Species Manifesto has ratings and 36 reviews. In all their historical complexity, Donna Haraway tells us, dogs matter. They are not just.

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This seems to be a better point to prioritize: Scientism is not science.

Jul 04, J Levy rated it it was amazing Shelves: As Haraway puts it: Why and how do humans speckes different moral codes for animals and other humans?

The relationship is not especially nice; it i Summary: So few people actually say If you, like me, don’t think of your dog as a “furbaby,” and you also cannot conceive of seriously calling yourself a “dog mom” or “dog dad,” and you happen to be able to comprehend critical theory from time to time without wanting to throw the work across the room, then read this book.

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We are, constitutively, companion species. Haraway is fond of collapsing certain terms, like naturehuman, naturalcultural, and technoscience. Open Preview See a Problem? Chapter Positive Bondage Mashes in references, overly complicated vocab and super long sentences.

My multi-species family is not about surrogacy and substitutes; we are trying to live other tropes, other metaplasms. Two chapters are more or less devoted to exploring the dynamics of dog agility obstacle courses. Suddenly, the Christian idea of a God who suffers with the Universe seems prescient.

The Companion Species Manifesto | A Working Library

Naturehuman will need to evolve in a manner less destructive and more just, or else! The comical reference to dog-training as “agility training”, the uncritical dohna humans and “breed-ism” dogsand her default to the worst kind of superior liberal irony to disguise her unwillingness to change or even address her own complicity in these harmful systems are just some examples of how this falls short of its potential.


And yet When Species Meet is a theologically significant book. No place on the farm for a dog that didn’t do its job. Nov 19, James Klagge rated it did not like it Shelves: Yaraway was a visceral epiphany. Among the many photographs and cartoons that Haraway uses to illustrate her book, there is a photograph of her father as a teenager swinging a baseball companikn from his wheelchair.

Quitando la historia de los perros pastores del Pirineo, me ha dado todo bastante igual. Leaving her old ally, the cyborg, in the sidelines Donna Haraway shows how the history of dogs includes all the same, if not more, of the possibilities of dualism-braking qualities in re-conceptualization of power structures.

May 05, Michael Burnam-Fink rated it really liked it Shelves: I and all those who lived entangled with him become his flesh; we are kin to the dead companiion their bodies have touched us.

Dogs are presumed to be the first species domesticated by humans. I was no stranger to farm work, livestock, and slaughterhouses, but on this sprcies, I was having flash backs to the previous year in Germany and Poland, where I had worked with a German-church organization teaching German university students about the Holocaust. One small, glaring example: Fascinating personal and genre-defying. I read it in short bursts on the bus or while waiting for a friend to turn up to a restaurant.

Unfortunately, Haraway’s new manifesto lacks the depth and complexity of her mids manifesto. I can see a couple of reasons to read this book: Multispecies human and nonhuman ways of living and dying are at stake in practices of eating Was cruelty to animals a massive failure in moral imagination?


There is logos and materiality to be sure, as these are the preconditions of science.

The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness

In place of antiquated sets of philosophical binaries, Haraway offers us nuanced complexities based on better readings of science, society, and self. And her metaphysics, like all others, has theological content and import. More intriguing and more encompassing but in the same line as her Cyborg work, this short text is an interesting philosophical exercise for thinking through the human relationship with dogs–and other ‘Others’ as well, as the title suggests.

A good quick read for those with non-human friends, family, and acquaintances. I just really dislike her style of writing. Is there a relevant cognitive hierarchy that orders natural kinds through some calculus of differential value and rights?

The scene in Pennsylvania that day was filled with noise, filth, stench, power, brutality, fear, moans, mud, and routinized efficiency. The word become flesh, indeed!

Eating Well Together: Donna Haraway’s Companion Species Manifesto

Taking themselves to be the only actors, people reduce other organisms to the lived status of being merely raw material or tools. They have been our evolutionary companion species for tens of thousands of years.

We need other nouns and pronouns for the kin genres of companion species, just as we did and still do for the spectrum of genders. She seems to want to draw attention to the kind of communication and attention that are necessary to have a relationship with a dog. When Species Meet also includes a scrapbook of cartoons and photographs to entertain and illuminate the prose discussions. We are both coevolved creatures, reciprocally domesticated in specific ways, along with all of the other barnyard animals.