Have His Carcase has ratings and reviews. Jaline said: Elizabeth George wrote an introduction to this novel upon its reissue in and I fou. Do you have books you reach for when you’re feeling low, books you just know will cheer you up? For me, Have His Carcase is a sure thing. Have His Carcase (Lord Peter Wimsey) [Dorothy L. Sayers] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “The Wimsey books are literate and delightful.

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I would truly like to own the yellow-jacketed Gollancz hardbacks the form in which I discovered the series, in my school library but I imagine they are collector’s items and priced accordingly.

Have His Carcase: Episode Four

The under surface, being in shadow, felt cooler, but no cooler than her own hands which she had dipped in the sea-water.

He was out with his boat this morning and the rocks be very dangerous thereabouts. He must be a literary bloke of some kind. Yes, of course, or it wouldn’t have seaweed on top. Edit Caracse After her acquittal on a ssayers charge, Harriet embarks on a walking tour of the West Country while working on her new novel.

I much prefer the stories dorlthy we’ve gotten past this stage of “no I won’t marry you but I will be disgruntled if you stop asking me to marry you – you who have pressed your suit so consistently despite being well aware of my need to not have romance just now”.

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A spoof book, of course. Hearn that keeps the grocery, he’s got a telephone. This isn’t surprising, since both are women who write mysteries for a living at about the same time, and it may not be true. doroyhy

Harriet excused herself by thinking that any papers in that pocket would be illegible already. How do these things get into the papers?

sayfrs She had come about eight miles on her way to Wilvercombe, having taken things easily and made a detour to inspect certain Roman remains declared by the guide-book to be “of considerable [Pg 11] interest.

How about the Holy Writ? We have the involvement of the Russians, a little reminiscent of the missing Russian Princess Anastasia, and a whole plethora of red herrings for Lord Peter and Miss Vane to fish through.

Have His Carcase (Lord Peter Wimsey #8) by Dorothy L. Sayers

Both places and people are entirely imaginary. He was, indeed, notorious for the sang-froid with which he examined bodies of carcae most repulsive description. And travel abounds all around. She spots a man lying on a rocky outcropping and tries to warn him that the tide will soon cut him off from the land. Indeed, Miss Vane, there must be a mistake. Perfectly simple, my dear Watson. I’m going to blame essay deadlines and such.

Retrieved from ” https: There uis some racial slurs and classist attitudes I mean when is Sayers not classist which are always painful toe-stubs in these books.

The doorthy are hand-made—which merely proves that a dancer has to take care of his feet. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.


In The Five Red Herringsthe plot was invented to fit a real locality; in this book, the locality has been invented to fit the plot. Alerted to the discovery by a friend, Lord Peter Wimsey arrives, and he and Harriet start their investigations.

In this entry in the Lord Peter Wimsey series of detective novels, we find the woman he loves, Harriet Vane, back on the scene. I don’t even want you to love — I can make you give me that – of a sort.

Was this review helpful to you? Much more efficacious are honest work, physical activity, and the sudden acquisition of wealth. No ill-feeling, I trust. And that, for me, is where the joy of the novel lies: Retreating, she sat down rather hastily on some loose boulders.

This is where you get off, Saunders. Harriet accordingly stepped in and told her story once again, this time in minute detail, to Superintendent Glaisher, who received it with flattering interest. But Harriet had no thermometer, nor, if she had had one, would she have known how to use it for the purpose.

Let’s call him a tradesman or a bank-clerk. But he could have come at any time from the Wilvercombe side.