Review: Life Inc. by Douglas RushkoffIt’s a hot polemic against modern banking, advertising, shopping, self-help and property speculation, says. In Life Inc., award-winning writer, documentary filmmaker, and scholar Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations went from being convenient legal fictions to. Now includes “The Life Inc. Guide to Reclaiming the Value You Create” In Life Inc , award-winning writer Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations.

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The Meaning of “Life Inc.”–a Conversation With Author Douglas Rushkoff

Oh, I get it. I also did not know about the McDonald’s ads playing on emergency speakers in school buses.

Jun 14, Enrique Santos rated it liked it. The book is front-loaded, generally proceeding downhill towards its resolution with ever-dimininshing returns. The trick is to keep reading after the despair phase and I think that is where my three predecessors failed.

Unless you’re planning to sell or inx your property, its market value should be of little interest–certainly of less interest unc the presence of muggers working the sidewalk in front of your home.

All “debit” means is the left side of the ledger and “credit” means the right side. The landscape on which we are living—the operating system on which we are now running our social software—was invented by people, sold to us as a better way of life, supported by myths, and ultimately allowed to develop into a self-sustaining reality.

In reality, the Fortune are just names on huge piles of debt. Philosophically, I agree with the premise, but the sourcing is just too spotty.


A world gone mad

The managerial classes standardized processes as to hire the least qualified and most replaceable laborers around. They needed only contribute capital. This fascinating journey, from the late Middle Ages to today, reveals the roots of our debacle.

His calls for greater community involvement and support for local organizations is iinc a positive message that seems very practical in today’s world. Rushkoff analyzes the role of corporations from as far back as the Middle Ages I was really drawn to this book after reading the excerpts of it on Boing Boing and Rushkoff’s own web site.

Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back

Refresh and try again. If I understand the premise dohglas Life, Inc. Well yes, our government was equally or even deeper in the pockets of corporate elites prior and during the depression of the thirties.

As the speculative economy collapses under its own weight, Life Inc. Douglas Rushkoff looks at the historical antecedents of the modern douglaw, exploring how corporatist philosophies developed out of old-style mercantilism. Why, it’s the sponsor, whose ad douglqs a national, wholesome brand interrupts the proceedings at just the right moment and bestows on them its seal of approval.

The book’s best writing comes in the scattered bits of reportage, at a “Wealth Expo” where desperate Americans pay money to learn how to get rich; or a meeting to sell the system called “The Secret” if you wish for things hard enough, you’ll get them. Jan 04, Pages Buy. The commercial solution to safe neighborhoods – alarm systems, security cameras, gated communities – are not as effective as a community of caring people. Profitable businesses want income to exceed expenses and assets to exceed liabilities, not credit to exceed debit which latter makes no sense.


I’m drawing on this for a rumination of collective Shadow for this period. Ultimately, everything and everyone could be colonized for profit, fueling European colonialism and establishing corporatism as the basis for a new continent. Even the original American Revolution was one against corporatism, as the Tea Party slogan of “No Taxation without Representation” was primarily about Britian’s tax laws which removed barriers to trade and allowed the East India Company to destroy the colonial economy.

Life Inc is a terrific fouglas to an urgent debate. The book is riddled with propagandistic arguments. Corporatism goes beyond that, though. Mortgages were less about getting people into property than getting them into debt.

Life Inc by Douglas Rushkoff | : Books

The speculative economy becomes dead weight, trailing real business, russhkoff than investment spearheading innovation. I imagine that the essentials of a fulfilled life, like friendship, companionship and love, cannot be well served by commercial efforts. The book however turned out to be a dilettante’s screed. And in some less developed nations, it has become clear than an increase in GDP results in a lower standard of living for the majority.