3 Oct The Walkera Dragonfly 22e is one of the most innovative RC helicopters walkera 22e manual Walkera Dragonfly 22E RC Helicopter. Walkera Dragonfly 22E. Spare Parts: Helicopter Spare Parts. Walkera Dragonfly 22E. Page: 1. Sort By: Popularity|Name|Price. showing products of More info ›; In Stock; Add to Wish List ›; Add to Compare ›. DRAGONFLY # HME (WALKERA #HME) Bearing 2*6*mm.. USD USD2.

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BB code is On. You may not post new threads. Motors last much longer when their operation temperature is lower. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. cragonfly

I do not know how to mount the links that adjust the pitch of the blade. Transmitter with 3D conversion. How to maintain the helicopter to keep it in better condition, so you dragknfly fly it longer. If anyone can remember these beasts and has some insight, I would appreciate it!

Walkera RC Helicopters: Walkera Dragonfly 22E Electric Radio Control 3D Flight RC Helicopter RTF

The New 22E tail motor outperforms previous models carbon brush motor as main power. I gave it to my pal to work on the setup for me in case I did something wrong eragonfly he said the ESC was bad. Hey Guys I have an old walkera 22e in the closet that has been collecting dust since I bought it probably 5 years ago.


When the temperature of the motors are lower, they run more efficiently. I got it on ebay and didn’t attempt to fly it for a few months after I got it but Dragonflyy had some big problems. Transmitter with mode-lock switch. Beginners – Helis A forum where beginners can get help on the fundamentals for experts who know their stuff!

Mine looks different, it has four links going down to the swashplate. Highly efficient tail motor with elaborate structure. High quality speed controller built in Flying radius: Need Help with walkera 22E. Hope that helps, Drabonfly http: Mine was destroyed in a pilot error crash, I have the parts but the assembly is somewhat difficult if you don’t know how it is supposed to be Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

High quality re-chargable battery Re-charger: Does anybody have a picture of a properly assembled head? I know back draonfly you could put a brushless motor on which would require a new ESC along with the brushless motor. How does that upgrade get accomplished?


Lightweight body built with strong materials. The following errors occurred with your submission. Add a Poll to this Thread.

RC Toy Hobby Dragonfly 22E 6ch Transmitter Radio Control Helicopter

Powerful Mabuchi SD main motor Main rotor diameter: Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Find More Posts by Drifter Tail drzgonfly powered by main motor drive with servo controlled rubber like Gas-Helicopter Power supply: They will keep the motors cool. More Stable hover and 3D aerobatics capacity inverted flight. How to land the helicopter.

Old Walkera 22e Dragonfly

How to play the helicopter safely. One pair of extra main blades FREE. Motor-transmitted tail rotor system. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

How will the heat sinks improve the performance: Quote message in reply? General Flight Manual Free, Only from Us The manual will help you take off as soon as possible, and fly the helicopter as long as drayonfly. Chellie, thank you very much for the pictures.

You can Fly It Now.