Container Services Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. USING THE DrumTracker II PDT: When you start up DrumTracker II you will go to the Main screen. OPERATION Installing Drumtracker for Windows What is Drumtracker? Preferences Adding Inputs Rendering Parts Manual Editing According to Toontrack, Drumtracker gives you manual control over tracking and exporting and lets you select which part or parts of a drum.

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The Edit Container screen allows the user to edit a container and view DrumTracker history.

Drumtracker FTW! | Ultimate Metal – Heavy Metal Forum and Community

A popup permitting you to select the Location will show: Sep 2, Messages: It looks neat and appears pretty straightforward, so let’s find out how it performs in the real world…. Less mis-triggering sounds like an ace proposition, but I haven’t quite wrapped my head about what exactly it is that this thing does, and why in fact we’d rather be using MIDI than audio files to trigger from. Below is an image of matching up the hits- You can insert an instrument track, in my case I was using Toontracks Superior Drummer 2.

Also, spelling is not too important — the system will search names close to what you janual.

But how does it work with cymbals? Filter options could be much improved. Click and drag the red bar up and down to change the threshold of the detection. Scott Sibley – Toontrack Technical Advisor. For this example I am using the kick drum from a track I am currently working on, where the kick drum did not have near enough umph, so I decided to replace it.


Drumtraker let me know thks Gladf7. I had an Aptrigga add snare for blending manuql I’ve rendered into a wav-file and I could clearly hear that it mistrigged on several occasions. Drumtracker is a mixed bag.

Dec 30, Messages: In this case, I am going to use KICK, as I am replacing a kanual drum, and this is going to give me an idea of what it will sound like.

Drumtracker FTW!

Click on the appropriate country. So now you should have MIDI hits on top of your audio file, which can be muted if necessary. Set the tempo and midi note in DT and the midi file is perfect. You MAY have to manually zoom into the kick drums first transient, and match it with the first midi note, as sometimes if there is silence at the start, it might not see it, so it is best to match it up manually, but the tempo changes should still be in place.

The list of companies with similar names will be shown at the bottom of the screen: When it is at a location you generally have where it came from and where it currently is located. Drumtracker is designed to work on multi tracked drums, kit pieces on separate tracks.


No, create an account now. It was a compromise, but it worked. These are where the Container currently is, where it came from, and where it is being shipped to. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


We use cookies to give you the best possible service. As far as detecting hits, its pretty damn good and easy. Consolidated files are the way to go.

I agree with Scott for sure: Yes, it’s a standalone program. Logic 9 has a similar thing built in, and there are many pieces of real-time drum replacement software out there, but after using most of them, I find this to be the most accurate, and you can really get in there and make sure every note is correct.

Every time i used drumagog to trigger itself from an audio track esp.

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The biggest problem, though, is going to be the hats. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: To get Drumagog to print an audio track you have to export the drumagog channel as an audio track.

Below is an image of matching up the hits.