Make no mistake about it: Adele Ashworth is back. Elegantly written, refreshingly adult, and over-the-moon erotic, Duke of Sin marks the. Vivian Rael–Lamont lives peacefully in the small town of Penzance, Cornwall, where everybody believes her to be widowed, when in truth she left London unwi . He is called the “Duke of Sin” a notorious rogue and recluse whose reputation is as black as the Cornish night. They speak of his conquests, his past, and his.

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To ask other readers adeld about Duke of Sinplease sign up. Personally, I really find William’s character a little bit scary and intimidating since I like my heroes more on the bad boy type!! This book is the perfect example of what I could imagine as a torn hero, woe-begotten and feeling like the world is weighing heavily on his shoulders. They are just churned out, one after another, with very little substance or history and of course are all politically correct Contrary to past history Today’s authors feel that they can c First let me preface this by stating what kind of books I like and don’t like.

Brilliantly written and certainly a book I could read again and again. The love that blooms between them is crafted with care, conversation and attraction but is put at risk when the a secret she’s kept for years falls into the hands of the dukes angry sister in law.

She xshworth heard asbworth rumors about the infamous Duke of Sin, yet she is unprepared for the man’s raw, sensuous power… or for the traitorous response asyworth her own body. But Olivia fears that accompanying this mysterious, dangerous, eminently desirable man would be courting the most devastating sort of scandal–especially since it is now Samson’s arms she sahworth to feel surrounding her, and his kiss she longs to taste As far as the story goes She gets angry and seeks him out only to mistake his twin brother for her loser husband.


Series: Duke’s Trilogy

I found myself wanting more after each page, and looking forward to each page. Pretending to be Olivia’s husband while tracking down people involved and the bastard himself Deus Ex Machina in the form of Parliment!

A well written and engaging tale with two attractive protagonists. Dec 15, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: Vivian I liked, too. Mar 16, Whitney rated it liked it Shelves: Lf I like Vivian’s independence.

Book reviews from a Uruguayan reader Index of reads. Awhworth, a year-old immensely respectable widow with her own secrets favors tending her floral business. May 27, Robin rated it it was amazing. Vivian is unexpectedly drawn to Raleig. I found myself flipping page after page desperate to see how this all played out and watch these characters figure out their feelings for each other. They are just churned out, one after another, with very little substance or history and of course are all politically correct Contrary to past history Today’s authors feel that they can call it a historical romance by basically throwing in some period addle and clothes.

And funny, sexy pillow talk.

I liked the book, but didn’t love it. Reputations will be Ruined! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. On the Career Path In college as a journalism major only because she had to major in something that might get her a paying jobshe continued to pursue private vocal instruction with the University of Utah’s finest, while performing in various musicals and college recitals.

But he is willing to hand over the evidence, if she will retrieve a sonnet of Shakespeare’s from none other than the Duke of Trent. Trivia About Duke of Sin Duke He says the most romantic things. This was the first of the few books I know who have a perfect well-felt chemistry between the characters. No trivia or quizzes yet. So, ” 0 prequel ” sorts by 0 under the label “prequel.


Ashwogth of SinAdele Ashworth – I’ve only read Winter Garden and quite enjoyed it and so I’ve been looking forward to reading some other highly rated Ashworth novels, of which she has quite a few. Unfortunately, her books since that one have been disappointed, but rumour had it Duke of Sin excerpt was a return to Winter Garden levels.

Adele does not dance unless you count nightclubs in college and that time in Mexico when she was three… and azhworth “living on pennies” bit seemed highly questionable. Oct 02, Elizabeth rated it it was ok. This story is full of twists, turns, blackmail, steamy scenes and 2 lonely people who don’t want to hide anymore.

Widow Virgin Opium induced Flaccidity Scheming Family-in-law Wife Murdering Hero Double identities Ashwortu for star crossed love Murder to keep someone quiet Falsely accused hero Blackmail Kidnapping and ransom of heroine Assuming Betrayal Virginity used to help clear heroine of betrayal Can’t be together due to some overwhelming yet justifiably allows us to be ok with them falling in love techinicality Oh no! Equally disappointing, the ‘scandal’ of the title is not sij until the very end, and while we’re told about its consequences, we never really see them.


I enjoyed the characters adlee found the story compelling from start to finish. Her story is just as sad as Will’s. Duke of Sin did not disappoint! Add in an ex-loverconspirator, some perfume and a great ending. To Subscribe Click here to receive new posts directly in your mail box.

The mystery plot is convoluted crap. Then love happens complicating everything.

Duke of Scandal by Adele Ashworth.