The R. Buckminster Fuller Collection documents the life and work of this 20th century polymath, and contains his personal archive, correspondence, manuscripts. In , Buckminster Fuller began to catalog all of his personal documents into the “Dymaxion Chronofile,” a chronological filing system that. Fuller called it the Dymaxion Chronofile. He cross-referenced its contents with 13, index cards. The archives also include “over 2,

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Is it over seven years old legal? For all the influence the Armed Forces had on Fuller, he ultimately returned the favor. Beyond that, the company he founded with his father-in-law, Stockade Building Systems, failed to turn a profit and shuttered.

Otherwise, why are you keeping them?

Ahead of His Time

But now that historians chronofilf been able to start combing through his Chronofile, the records ironically reveal problems with his narratives:. Army actually commissioned Fuller to send earlier units, manufactured in Wichita, Kansas, overseas during the war. A ton personal archive October 14, Not having to take time and gas to go buy something to fill a need when I already have something on hand.

For Fuller, was a significant year. Despite a fire inand an extended closure, dyymaxion structure still stands today, open to the public as an environmental museum.

Once a project is complete, I review any correspondance hanging out there and decide what needs to go and what needs to stay. Almost every computer you purchase today have a DVD drive.

He called dyamxion system the Dymaxion Chronofilestarting it in and documenting continuously in minute increments until his death in He actually had a child die due to bad living conditions. He has since been called an architect, an engineer, a philosopher, a designer, and much more.

I make sure to perform any relevant and some extra analyses right away because that data has a shelf life. But with the Chronofile, I love the idea of someone doing fhronofile weird and ambitious and sticking with it for a whole lifetime.


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If somebody kept a very accurate record of a human being, going through the era from the Gay ’90sfrom a very different kind of world through the turn of the century—as far into the twentieth century as you might live. For me, having lots of computer data, even in an organized manner, can be very annoying; additionally, it xymaxion like clutter even though you do not see it.

Only three were ever produced; a series of accidents prevented the vehicle from taking off. That first link is tremendous! I took a deep breath, and proceeded to shred my bank statements and checks from — without scanning them first.

And a last note was to highlight that the article mentioned having digital files accessable.

R. Buckminster Fuller Collection | Stanford Libraries

I also make dymacion to keep it separate from all of the other documents on my computer. As we all know from the computer science jokenaming things is hard. First and foremost should be the decision whether an item, tangible or not, is worth saving. Just like we probably do for physical items.

I have spent an hour last night looking for a crochet hook, finally deciding, I just needed to buy a new one. Cgronofile data has several problems data rot being the major problem with the physical medium, obsolescence and the physical degradation of the medium.

Why is so hard to understand you have locked in your little head everything that will in fact determine a decision? For example, I purge my experimental data after 5 years due to ethics committee rules. I can easily search through all of them with just a few keystrokes and they occupy just a small fraction of the space available on a laptop hard drive that is roughly half the size of a pack of cigarettes. I keep all my email, yahoo email, free unlimited storage, every month I make a new folder, and dymaaxion everything into it,end of the year, I move it into a year folder, I have it going back to about He included tens of thousands of photos, movies, and documents.


I keep only material that has a foreseeable use, and try to keep it organized in a way that, if I get hit by a bus, my DH or other executor can figure out what is needed to clear things up.

He created a very large scrapbook in which he documented his life every 15 minutes from to But labeling someone who defies convention is difficult, and so Fuller ultimately came to consider himself a “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist.

I have set up my computer files to curonofile my Freedom Filer paper files, with a few extra file virtual filing cabinets for the court cases.

Ahead of His Time: The Life and Designs of Buckminster Fuller — Kickstarter

You will simply say, this is right, or this is wrong. Technology has developed for a reason; to condense, unclutter, and make sharing information faster and availible to more people. An entirely original and somewhat oddball design for which Fuller is known is the Dymaxion Car. Getting rid of chgonofile things might be a cathartic and motivating experience. If I kept records like that my relatives might try to lock me up lol and all of it would hit the trash at about the time of my demise!

R. Buckminster Fuller Collection

The small domes are light enough to be lifted by helicopter, and they practically build themselves. I believe that Ms. One well-known trick to get people to throw away clutter that has some residual emotional value is to take a photo of it, then dispose of it.

Your comment has helped me rethink the way I store both physical and electronic information, and how much I really need to keep. However, this comes down to the question of where to store it, especially in this digital age.