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For all patients where dystonia is combined with other neurological or systemic features, some additional workup is warranted, regardless of the age at onset or body distribution. It is also worth bearing in mind that there is a high rate of psychiatric co-morbidity in the dystonias including depression, anxiety and social withdrawal.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Dystonia

This requirement for return visits presents a barrier for some patients who may live far from experienced providers. A recent consensus work group provided the following formal definition for the dystonias: Some dystonias have no apparent pathology in the nervous system, while others are associated with defects that can be detected by neuroimaging or post-mortem histopathological studies.

Medications that suppress dopaminergic transmission also may be useful for specific subgroups of patients. There are many different clinical manifestations and many different causes. Limb immobilization for occupational dystonia: Novel nonpharmacologic perspectives for the treatment of task-specific focal hand dystonia. For cervical dystonia the most common side effects are dysphagia, excessive neck muscle weakness, and occasionally dry mouth.


Diagnosis & Treatment of Dystonia

Multiple surgical interventions are available for the treatment of the dystonias. Long-Term management of DBS in dystonia: Selective peripheral denervation may be offered to patients with cervical dystonia who fail oral agents and botulinum toxins.

Despite the enthusiasm for physical therapy in dystonia, systematic reviews have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to recommend any particular strategy. A comparison of jaw-closing and jaw-opening idiopathic oromandibular dystonia. Cambridge University Press; Cobalamin deficiencies inherited subtypes A-G.

Included are patients who are resistant to the toxins, and those with co-existing apraxia of eyelid opening that may respond poorly to the toxins. Assessment of the patient with dystonia: The BoNTs are dramatically effective for most focal dystonias, but it can be challenging to get good results with certain subtypes. Neurosurg Clin N Am. A substantial reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life can be dytonie in the majority of patients by combining these various options.

Dopamine-related drugs Medications that augment or suppress dopaminergic transmission in the basal ganglia may be extraordinarily helpful in filetupe populations of patients with dystonia. There are no large double-blind and controlled studies of the benzodiazepines in dystonia. Some patients with blepharospasm have co-existing apraxia of eyelid opening, which is more difficult to treat with BoNT. Because there are so many different clinical manifestations and causes, there are no simple algorithms for diagnosis that address all dystonias.

Long-term effects of tetrabenazine in hyperkinetic movement disorders. A frank discussion of treatment options is essential to ensure that expectations are realistic.


dystonia neurovegetativa pdf file

In the absence of solid evidence to guide more specific recommendations, it seems reasonable to incorporate general physical therapy methods according to patient preferences. Table 3 Disorders with dystonia that have specific disease-modifying therapies. Although treatment plans must be individualized, there dystonir some useful guiding principles.

A metaregression of individual patient outcomes. The dystonias are a group of disorders defined by specific types of abnormal movements.

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Table 6 Comparison of the most common botulinum toxin formulations. Systemic side effects are unusual, but a few patients complain of viletype flu-like syndrome for 3—5 days after their treatments.

Tiletype immobilization for the treatment of focal occupational dystonia. Quintessence Publishing Company; Waln O, Ledoux MS. As a result the selection of targets often is driven by the opinions of individual centers.

There are many different treatment options that involve counseling and education, oral medications, intramuscular injection of botulinum neurotoxins BoNTphysical and occupational therapy, and neurosurgical interventions. They may also be appropriate as palliative procedures for patients with severe illness who cannot tolerate surgery to install and maintain the hardware, and for some progressive neurodegenerative disorders.