my dw5 water heater has given up on me i fired it up at the beggining of the winter it ran for one hour and shut down, i tried it again and again. J. Ebersp├Ącher. GmbH & Co. KG. Ebersp├Ącherstr. D Esslingen. Telefon (zentral). (07 11) 9 39 – Telefax. (07 11) 9 39 – 05 00 www. eberspaecher. Eberspacher Hydronic trouble shooting guide this page details the basic troubleshooting steps to take of your eberspacher hydronic heater unit stops work .

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I’d check to see whether the above current is being drawn first. It’s just the clouds of steam that’s the problem. Normally the gauze round the glow pin – certainly on the later model that I have D5WS. This never stops, no matter how long the unit is run, and I have run it for 12 hours continuously.

Be aware that if you do have the D5WS, then you need two special tools to remove the wires from the internal multi-plug connector otherwise you cant remove the glow pin or flame sensor and therefore cannot dismantle the unit. I’d start checking there if I had already checked the fuse holder my problem has always been the fuse holder that gets a dry joint between the fuse and the fuse holder – tends to melt fuses with the heat. They usually spring out if the unit looses electrical power without eberslacher proper cool down cycle.

A simple upgrade from the App store, or Google Play store to a digital watch Apple or Android triggers the web enabled process wherever you are. Important Information We have placed cookies eberspcaher your device to help make this website better. Item 13 on this diagram.

Eberspacher D5W Manuals, Error Codes & Guides

Posted May 20, Mine failed fairly quickly and ended up flooding the Eberspacher and exhaust line with diesel and coolant. We were established inoriginally to introduce diesel fuelled independent heating systems into the UK and Eire for car, commercial vehicle and marine markets and to create a nationwide network of dealers, to provide a quick and efficient service to our growing customer base. Register a new account. The only thing I’m left with is the possibility of a cracked combustion chamber – unless anyone has a better idea or experience of the same problem.


Eberspacher DW5 Water Heater my dw5 water heater has given up on me i fired it up at the beggining of the winter it ran for one hour and shut downi tried it again and again ,it would not start it will go through the start up procedure but shuts down i have checked fuses the fuel is not pumping the glowplug is not heating up, i have had them seen to and are ok plus the wiring ,the batteries fully charged,alsocut out fuse can you help.

Eberspacher DW5 Water Heater

In any case, these units are essentially very simple – if you have heat, fuel and air they will work. It’s definitely steam – there’s that “steamy” smell about it. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Already have an account? Thanks for your reply! We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

I have also replaced the “Smiley face” gasket, and the simple circular one between the burner assy and heat exchanger – the ones you mention in your post. There was high interest shown eberspacger all products, including the complete fuel heater range, Cooltronic, Handiwash, Thermoline and our newly eberxpacher Coldtainer products. Clouds of white smoke obliterated the marina.

Sign in with Facebook. If you have no fuel AND no heat then there may be a controller fault.

Eberspacher DW5 – General Boating – Canal World

We had excellent attendance with exciting opportunities over the three days of the exhibition. You can easily check this by disconnecting it and arranging to connect it directly to 12v or 24 if yours is that version. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


Did you strip it down this far, or just to the two gaskets either side of the combustion chamber? If not, find the glowplug relay and see whether that’s switching.

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue. Sign in Already have an account? By lunallenaMay 20, in General Boating. My heat exchanger has multiple pinholes, and corrosion. Do you mean the two O rings that connect the spigots from the pump assy into the eberspaher exchanger? Is the relay ‘making’ to connect the glowpug?

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If it just the eberspaher not pumping then it could be the pump. There are, however, lots of safety controls that can “get in the way” to shut them down in case things go wrong!

Results 1 to 5 of 5. There’s a useful Troubleshooting Manual here – it tells you how to connect a test light, and shows the fault reasons for various combinations of light flashes.

The exhibition was a trade only show for B2B customers.

So I stripped the unit, cleaned it up, replaced gaskets, and checked that there’s no water in the exhaust. A strip-down, may well be in order to check all is clean in any case.

Thanks all for your responses. Normally the glow plug uses amps for a while before the pump kicks in. The unit starts reliably, and heats water as normal. Are you still over 10 volts on the supply to the unit at this current? I’ve eliminated everspacher in the fuel by feeding it directly from a 5ltr can of white diesel, straight from the pump Tesco ouch.