EC VLSI Design regulation anna university Lecture Notes, study materials and subject notes for 6th semester ECE students. Weste and Harris: CMOS VLSI DESIGN (Third edition) Pearson Education, .. Electronic Circuits – I Lecture Notes for B.E. (ECE) (High Resolution). QUESTION BANK SUBJECT CODE: EC SUBJECT NAME: VLSI DESIGN STAFF NAME: PART – A (2 marks) 1. VLSI Design Lecture Notes.

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Maintaining a high level of professional competence and integrity and exercising professional judgment to benefit individuals with exceptionalities and their families. The delivery methods are chosen appropriate to meet the Program Outcomes.

Gain an lecturf of the operation and application of spatial filtering accomplished by adaptive array antenna systems. Develop the communicative skills and comprehensive abilities in students and provide them with software skill trainings that will facilitate them to acquire good job opportunities in the industries.

Plot the variation of the temperature Vs output current. EC Microprocessors and Microcontrollers C Demonstrate knowledge of hazards and race conditions generated within asynchronous circuits.

Load test on three phase induction motor. AIM To provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Develop the communicative skills and comprehensive abilities in students and provide them with software skill trainings that will facilitate them to acquire good job opportunities in the industries PEO2: Linear and Non-Linear wave notea Circuits. Weste and David Harris, 3rd edition, and Design, 3rd Ed.


To impart a sound knowledge on the principles of physics involving the different application oriented topics required for all engineering branches.

CO1 semester assignment EC Apparatus Range Quant No.

Programmable 5 implementation 3. To provide an awareness to Computing and Programming.

Polymers and properties of different polymers and reinforced composites. Motivating the students for participating in national level. Small PCBs 10 Nos.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

With the study of lectkre electronics the students are aided in implementing the basic logic gates and various combinations of sequential and asynchronous digital circuits. Finally, the PO assessment is evaluated with the following equation. Some CMOS design projects. Welding accessories like welding shield, chipping hammer, wire brush, etc. Basic Analytical mathematical and idea about random variables. Perform various basic House Wiring techniques such as connecting one lamp with one switch, connecting two lamps with one switch, connecting a fluorescent tube, Series wiring, Go down wiring HS Technical English — II CO 1: Students will be able to solve by writing Shell Program.

Develop felicity of expression and familiarity with technology enabled communication CO5: The Programme coordinator collects lecturr data that are quantitative and qualitative and were used for assessment of outcome in a continuous process Program Outcome 1: Frequency response of series and parallel resonance Design and 2 circuits.

Identification of X real world problems CO 2: Active lowpass, Highpass and bandpass filters.

No load and blocked rotor test on three-phase induction motor Determination of equivalent circuit parameters Sl. Oriented Programming Lab CO 2: Basic knowledge about objects foundations structures, engines. Then Surveys are taken to solve the problem.


Ec2354 vlsi design lecture notes free download – Tech n9ne here comes tecca nina mp3 free download

Describe the methods to analyze the stability of systems from transfer function forms. Develop Speech recognition and speaker identification systems. Angle Grinder 2 Nos 9.

To learn the architecture, programming, interfacing and rudiments of system design of microprocessors and microcontrollers.

VLSI Design – VLSI Study Materials | PDF FREE DOWNLOAD

Residential house wiring using switches, fuse, indicator, lamp and energy meter. Illustrate how course outcomes contribute to the Pos 10 Table No. Listening comprehension exercises to categorise data in tables. Establishing a strong and progressive India by creating qualitative citizens who will make their own contributions to the upliftment of the nation shall be the stated goal of the group.

Measurement of maximum power output. About the various X techniques of image enhancement, reconstruction, compression and segmentation. The Ability to use conduct investigations to find suitable noges. Technical drawings — Projection Methods. Determination of wavelength of mercury spectrum — spectrometer grating.

Evaluation of the attainment of the Programme Outcomes 2.

K and Iyengar S. Identify the X environmental problems and issues on local, regional and global scale.