Commission file number: Table 8 – Ecopetrol S.A. Production per Type of Crude Graph 6 – Map of Multipurpose Pipeline. Estimated Ultimate Recovery versus Net Pay by Well Type RPS has updated the mapping of oil initially in place (OIIP) for the field to a new total of 4, . New well locations and new well logs (LAS files) for the 29 vertical wells drilled Ecopetrol‟s field production will be sold in the pipeline together, the gross field. Note: Checking the box above will not relieve any registrant required to file reports .. Ecopetrol Transportation Company Limited, Ecopetrol Pipelines International .. Since we have no control over these types of foreign government regulations, they The map below indicates the location of our operations in Colombia.

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For that reason, Ecopetrol S. Most facts are uncertain because of their nature. However, this restriction ecopegrol not applicable to foreign companies which have branch offices in Colombia, such as our subsidiaries Hocol or ODL.

The implementation of this initiative will allow us to increase production of refined products and improve the efficiency of and upgrade existing facilities in order to reach higher margins in our refining segment. In the future, the Nation, as our controlling shareholder, may undertake ecopetol, make decisions or announcements about its intentions related to its holding of our capital stock, which may not be in our best interest or in the best interest of our minority shareholders, including holders of our ADSs, and could impact the price of our shares or ADSs.

Estimates of reserves ecoppetrol prepared by geological and engineering standard methods commonly used in the oil and gas industry.


Colombia – International – Analysis – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

We do not own any tankers. One of the pillars of the revised business plan is the view that a strong production portfolio and a greater exploratory success will bring about profitable growth. Since July 1,it became a part of the Eastern Region. Presentation of Information Concerning Reserves. The Government has the power to determine quality standards, measurement and control of liquid fuels, and establish penalties that may apply to dealers who do not operate in compliance therewith.

As part of our Strategic Plan, we have begun to ecopdtrol through business partners, subsidiaries or affiliates outside of Colombia. Including the pilot projects started inthe Company currently has 29 recovery pilots underway, of which 22 have shown positive results in increasing pressure and 15 have shown an increase in crude production in the areas impacted.

For global consumption of Quad BTUs, it’s showing per capita 9. Atlantic Coast and the U.

Caño Limón–Coveñas pipeline

The following map shows the basins where we conduct exploratory activities. However, imported goods tjpe oil services denominated in U. Duringonshore drilling operations were started in five wells by Ecopetrol and its subsidiary Hocol S.

Our jap used for import and export of refined products can load tankers of up to 85 thousand DWT. Due to the above-mentioned moratorium, we will most likely be unable to complete the drilling of these wells. The production from the field is distributed to us and our partners receive a percentage of the total production from the field that varies depending on the invested amount. This strategy mainly focuses on knowledge building and conservation efforts in areas where we operate.

Inour consolidated average daily production of hydrocarbons totaled thousand boepd, out of which thousand bpd corresponded to crude oil and 95 thousand boepd corresponded to natural gas. Development of campaigns to strengthen HSE culture and leadership in Reficar. Personally identifiable information, such as full names or email addresses, will be redacted from the published feedback.


We have long-term contracts to supply natural gas to power utilities and other large customers. Producers of natural gas may enter into natural gas export contracts if the ratio of proved reserves to consumption exceeds seven years, as determined by the Colombian Energy Planning Ecpoetrol or UPME for its Colombian acronym.

Our contingency plans include:. Our consolidated financial statements for the years ended December 31, and were audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltda.

pipelie Inpayments made by Ecopetrol S. For K2, there are four blocks in the production stage. We may be exposed to increases in interest rates, thereby increasing our financial costs. When the Peso depreciates against the U. Ecopetrol is also able to re-sell available natural gas transportation capacity into the secondary market.

We have established procurement policies and approval processes for purchases of products and services, which do not depend on whether the counterparties are state-owned entities. Table 22 — Ecopetrol S. Most of Colombia’s coal production and export infrastructure is located on the Caribbean coast. We have a number of crude oil short-term commercial agreements with local typpe, and natural gas short and long-term supply contracts with gas-fired power plants and local natural gas distribution companies.

We use financial instruments such as forwards, swaps, or futures contracts to partially mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations.