KEVIN J. TODESCHI is the Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), overseeing activities of the . Auras [Edgar Cayce] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. KEVIN J. TODESCHI is the Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce s Association for Research and Enlightenment .

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Edgar Cayce Readings Spiritual Growth.

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aurras Colors reflect the soul and the spirit, the mind and the body, but remember they indicate lack of perfection, incompleteness.

The easiest color to see, as you know, is red. As the souls of individuals travel through the realms of being they shift and change their patterns as they use or abuse the opportunities presented to them. The color is just right for her. I have seen many Sistera of Mercy with this dark blue, and many writers and singers also.

BLUE Blue has always been the color of the spirit, the symbol of contemplation, prayer, and heaven. A Better Understanding of Christmas. Young woman, a clerk: Of course I do not do this professionally. Auras, An Essay on the Meaning of Colors.

Auraw all cases of red there is a tendency to nervous troubles, and such people ought to take time to be quiet and to get outside themselves.

Homer, all through the Iliad and Odessey, describes the Mediterranean as the “winedark sea. Now let me tell you the other incident.


Fairs and In-Store Psychics. Venus is the planet of indigo. Heard says that apparently Homer caught “the slight tinge of red in the purple of the Mediterranean,” but did not see its predominant blue.

These are not complete, just some notes that were taken one day at the end of our annual congress, when I was sitting with some of the members who had attended our meetings. A knowledge of color associations is of great use in interpreting sign, dream and in reading auras. Imagine what that will mean – everyone able to see when you plan to tell them a lie, even a little white one. Members can read the complete details of the chart from Reading in the member section.

As it tends toward yellow it is weakened. An aura is an effect, not a cause. The Readings back Akashic Records. What will this mean?

Our Mission back Board of Trustees. I think Cayce is quite dated, but his observations of colors and auras are interesting, and definitely food for thought. It is difficult to project ourselves into such a world, a world where people will see each other’s faults and virtues, their weaknesses and strength, their sickness, their misfortunes, their coming success.

As it tends toward blue it is more helpful and trustworthy. Volunteering back How to Volunteer. The proprietress brought out egdar dresaes but seemed perplexed when the lady tried them on. In the green aura of healers, if the color quivers as it rises, the person is most sympathetic.


There is a great deal of leaden gray in your aura, not only from your physical condition but because you have been doubting your own beliefs. We can only see the few colors between red and violet.

I asked him, and he told me that although he had been a writer, he was now engaged in lecturing and teaching, still giving information for the help of others. In the early church it symbolized youthfulness and the fertility of nature, taking this quite naturally from the sight of the fields in spring.

Edgar Cayce: Understanding How Colors Affect Our Aura | Spirit Science

We only differ with regard to the colors which are in our own auras. Yellow Yellow is the second primary color. Five hundred years before the birth of Sdgar, Pythagoras, the first philosopher, used colors for healing.

All of these and their varied shades indicate the activity; this applying to the stars as well as the sun or moon. The first woman was wearing a color which clashed with her aura. The shape of the aura is sometimes helpful.

Aristotle, moreover, said that the rainbow had only three colors: