I am looking in this article: e-c- sujet-maths I see when the page loading the math formula. Easy-maths. Keywords: educamer, easy maths, Easy-maths, easymaths, examen de math pdf, epreuves bac cameroun pdf. Jul 13, Created: News of official competitions examinations and scholarships for in Cameroon. GCE results, HND.

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at WI. Bievenue sur Easy-Maths!!!

Alin Dinca Offline Moderator Posts: Thank you for your interest in Chamilo. This option sends a small summary of the portal information, in the background, to our server. JomSocial is the most complete, easy-to-use addon that turns Joomla CMS into a full -fledged, social educamerr site.

Try it at https: Hello, I received website details; I will do some tests and I will come back to you as soon I will have a response. Finally, we do not count users of Chamilo 2. Support Forums have been matha. Conclusion While it is not clear how others calculate these amounts, we try to provide a very clear detail of our active users worldwide.

How do we calculate these statistics?

We don’t want to be big, we want to be honnest and we provide our best effort to inform you reliably, the same way we strive to give you the best software for education. Start Prev 1 Next End 1. Summing up Once we get that information, we start filtering it. I updated my post ecucamer providing website administrator and ftp infos. There is an additional option allowing admins to send the information but require to be kept anonymous in this case we don’t list their portals but we do count the numbers.


Be part of its community and voice your ideas on https: How do we calculate these statistics? Hello I installed the mathjax jextbox-equation plugin to manage the mathematical formulas in my joomla articles and it works well.

Hello, I just did some test and looks that the plugin is working with Guru but I am not sure if it doing the job. The Chamilo Team can be contacted at info chamilo. Everything that contains “localhost”, ” Collecting the info We collect the information on these sites by allowing an opt-in system on the administration page of each portal.

Is there a way for Guru text editor to work with Mathjax? If the campus removes users, we discount them from our totals, so we’re only getting the real number of subscribed users on all Chamilo campuses. Establish a report of who is using Chamilo, so that the Chamilo community can show off a little of the number of organizations eduamer it Establish a list of people that might want to know when we discover critical security issues The “opt-in” evucamer means nobody sends any information at all if they don’t explicitely require so.


Chamilo was born as a fork of other e-learning software on the 18th of January Notice The forum is in read only mode. Here are some mathjax equations you can use for edcuamer test in iGuru quiz or text course: As a main difference to other open-source LMS systems, we want to make clear how we recover and summarize these statistics. We know because the same author did it and has since improved his methods that the scripts that analyse the sites using D0keos are badly flawed and exagerate up to 10 times the number of users and sites registered as using it.

I am looking in this article: Hi, Please edit your first post and provide us website administrator and ftp so we can investigate this. This information contains exhaustive list: Powered by Kunena Forum. But when I copy a mathematical formula in Guru lms, the display is incorrect math formulas are not converted On the other hand, if I call an article via “content any where” from “RegularLab” then I edhcamer a correct display on Guru lms.

Now more than teachers and learners use the Chamilo e-learning platform.