While George Padmore is well known as the ‘father of African emancipation’, Cameron Duodu reminds us of the life and ideas of Edward Wilmot Blyden, ‘the. Whereas Marcus Mosiah Garvey is generally regarded to be the face of Pan- Africanism, Edward Wilmot Blyden is one of the forgotten figures. Blyden, Edward Wilmot August 3, February 7, The Liberian nationalist Edward W. Blyden was born on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas. He was.

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He also wrote many other books, pamphlets, and articles in which he sought to vindicate the Negro race. In his major work, Christianity, Islam, and the Negro Race —was published.

Village reflections and dearth of the reading culture. In his works, Blyden argued that Africa and Africans have a worthy history and culture.

Edward Wilmot Blyden |

Emigrating to Liberia inBlyden soon was working in journalism. Despite his official appointment, Blyden, while in Lagos, wrote regularly for the Lagos Weekly Record, one of the earliest propagators of Nigerian and West African nationalism.

He grew interested in becoming a minister after meeting a Dutch Reformed minister, Rev. In and he spent several months in Lagos and dilmot there in as government agent for native affairs. Blyden was a major supporter of the ACS, which had founded Liberia in He went to the United States in May and sought to enter a theological college but was turned down because of his wiilmot.


His writings on pan-Africanism were influential in both colonies. He was criticized by African Americans who wanted to gain full civil rights in their birth nation of the United States and did bltden identify with Africa. In Freetown, Blyden helped to edit the Wilmto Leone News, which he had assisted in founding in “to serve the interest of West Africa … and the race generally. Social Media Twitter Facebook Tweets about ” nyamnews”.

Blyden, Edward Wilmot () | History of Missiology

Shall we tell you of their sorrows in the countries of their captivity? As a diplomat, Blyden served as an ambassador for Liberia to Britain and France. As a writer, Blyden is regarded widely as the “father of Pan-Africanism ” and is noted wimlot one of the first people to articulate a notion of “African Personality” and the uniqueness of the “African race.

The following year he relocated to Alkebulan Africasettling in Liberia. The barbarities which the Christian nations of Europe and of America have inflicted, and are now inflicting upon the Edwad, would fill volumes, and they should be written with tears instead of ink, and on sack-cloth instead of parchment. As early aswhile in Porto Bello, Venezuela, he began to develop a facility with language.


Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia. He still has surviving family members in Sierra Leone, who commemorate his anniversary each year. Land and Natural Resources. See also Hollis R. Thomas Protestant Dutch Reformed Church.

Blyden, Edward Wilmot

As it happens, I saw George Padmore on the day he left Ghana for the last time. While his emigrationist vision for Liberia did not succeed as he had hoped, his racial fervor made him a symbolic figure for future generations of nationalists.

Due to his belief in Ethiopianism, in the late 19th century Blyden publicly supported the creation of a Jewish state in Israel ; he praised Theodore Herzl as the creator of “that marvelous movement called Zionism.

Knowledge must be imparted. Although Garvey often made reference to Blyden as being one of his integral inspirations to globally organize Africans, his name is hardly mentioned when homage is paid to pioneering Pan-Africans.

She is now 87 years old. Modern Language Association http: Lynch, Edward Wilmot Blyden: Skip to main content. He spent this time in Sierra Leonereturning to Liberia in