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Let’s say you set the EFIE to.

The MAP Sensor is part of the car, while the enhancer is just that, an enhancer that we add to the car in order to fine-tuning the MAP efiie. If you increased the power and vacuum, adjust again by about 2 degrees.

Eagle Research have produced the most advanced design of its kind that I am aware of, and dd17 a better design existed somewhere, I’m pretty sure I would have at least heard of it.

Install the modified anti-fouler into the exhaust where the O2 sensor normally goes, then screw the O2 sensor into the anti-fouler. Don’t worry about the downstream sensors the ones after the cat as they only tell the ECU that the converter is working.

If you are looking into this mod I would highly recommend a multi turn pot for making adjustments. There will be a feie in the power, then it will gradually taper off. This is important to know when selecting resistors. Chief amongst these are:. But one other note: The ECU has its senses as well: Note that very small adjustments to this pot make a large change to the EFIE’s range.


The IAT is less sensitive to cold start issues. Allow for this when tuning. If you go too far the idiot light comes on and we have to reset codes. It is important that you have voltage when the key is on AND when cranking.

It isn’t difficult, but requires a learning curve just like anything else. If you do this handling, please document your mileage before and after this one step, and if you have success, please contact me and let me know. Watch for symptoms of too lean a mix d1 as rough engine, lack of power, “check engine light” coming on, etc. Finally, the range adjustment pot location has been retained on the circuit board.

The timing changes under load.

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From there, it doesn’t go by make year but by number of wires on the sensor. Local electronics supply stores may carry all parts if they are really big stores, or if they specialize in electronic components. Do all of them need EFIEs to operate properly with fuel saving devices? These have been, and remain, our flagship model. The directions that tell wire colors and what they connect to, are the same for the circuit board models.

F17 the near future, all auto makers will have to yield to Water4Gas systems of all types and models, including their own manufacture of such systems which will then come with every new car. Visit Our Documents Page. Rather than using the switch on the Deluxe model, you will have to switch power to the red wire yourself.


Water4Gas Interactive Troubleshooter

As you begin to lean out the mixture you will probably feel an increase in power. A leaner mixture requires more time for the flame to propagate across the cylinder.

One of the easiest ways to lower lean-out limits is to install a resistor across the CTS and IAT sensors in parallel with the sensor. Construction itself was fun but not time effective, so I decided to give up mass production of D We don’t want to modify this data until the sensor is operating correctly.

Once you have determined which is the sensor’s signal wire, you want to get it located up close to the computer. When using the EFIE in temperate climates, it operates normally and can be expected to maintain a steady and reproducible voltage offset. We actually want the ECU to forget its “wrong” learning of the past – and learn efoe. The most easily identifiable form of wide band sensor is the one that has 5 wires.