Efuru has 5 ratings and 0 reviews. This edition marks the 50th anniversary of Efuru, the first novel by Nigeria’s Flora Nwapa. Originally. Before her death on October 16, , Nwapa said in an interview that she used Efuru to explore how women are treated in the society. Having. Appearing in , Efuru was the first internationally published book, in English, by a Nigerian woman. Flora Nwapa () sets her story in a small village .

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Her in-laws try to convince her to remain in their marital home but she refuses and decides to go look for him. Keep Exploring Britannica William Shakespeare. She also is known for her governmental work in reconstruction after the Biafran War. Her independence becomes desirable and blessed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like Efuru who becomes a victim of one-sided love, Nwabata no doubt loves her husband more than he loves her.

Surprisingly, Efuru promises them another ten pounds. She is one character I’ll never forget. Efuru – Flora Nwapa 2 18 Jan 10, Efuru Flora Nwapa No preview available – Chapter Sixteen Many people are now coming to console Efuru who is very sad not only because she lost her dad but also because Gilbert, her husband who has gone for trade did not participate in the burial of her father. Madolyn Chukwu rated it it was amazing Sep 17, In her struggle to understand all that has happened to her Efuru seeks the advice of the dibias, village doctors, and finds her spiritual guide and the path she must follow.

Why then did the women worship her? To ask other readers questions about Efuruplease sign up. After all, they can live a happy life without children. Despite the fact that they have not been able to pay their debts, the couple still have the effrontery to go back to their creditor, Efuru to request for another loan.


Her husband consents to her decision and they bring in Ogea, a ten-year-old girl to attend to Ogonim, their daughter.

She is much younger than her husband. But he was a literary genius, just like Nwapa and Emecheta.

Everything about Flora Nwapa screamed ‘feminist’, everything but her own words

Sep 17, Madolyn Chukwu rated it it was amazing. She is a very resolute woman having refused to marry another man since efutu death of her husband who had jilted her many times before his death. If not for her timely intervention, this kind woman would have neapa. Like his wife, Efuru, Adizua had lost his father at early age and was brought up by his mother. Her message is that we should not allow other people to rule or ruin our lives.

Efuru – Flora Nwapa – Google Books

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. In her book Efuru became Africa’s first internationally published female novel in the English language Heinemann Educational Books. While Efuru is cast as a saint, Adizua and Gilbert are cast as a villain. One has to give what one has in order to receive what one does not have. Unable to give her new husband a child, Efuru marries another woman for him after he has already taken one for himself but this does not make him treat her any better.

After the customary preparation, Efuru goes to live with her new husband. As an experienced old woman, she is sensitive and observant.

Don’t get me wrong I have the utmost respect for Achebe. Efuru introduces an important This edition marks the 50th anniversary of Efuru, the first novel by Nigeria’s Flora Nwapa. Efuru is a wonderfully strong and dfuru character; apart from her father the men in her life are pretty useless and she concludes she is better off without them. What’s the definition of a ‘good woman’? This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat The story is set in West African Igbo rural community.


She has been called the mother of modern African literature. Unlike many men who beat their wives, he has never laid hand on his wife even when sfuru an action would have been justified in their community.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please nsapa up. Retrieved 2 December The novel’s heroine, Efuru is an exceptionally beautiful young woman. She is of the Igbo and her own nature is her saviour. Achebe minced no words in his memoir There Was a Country: If you like this book or others like it, you may want to join us for Africa Writes.

It does not appeal to me. Buchi Emecheta too and her very powerful novels This book is about building endurance and tolerance via love and patience. Florx, this is what makes her an ideal woman, a near perfect personality. Nigeria, country located on the western coast of Africa. In her village, a single, childless woman is a cause floga fear, and the villagers begin to gossip, a favorite and powerful pastime.

Because of overwork, he develops appendicitis which threatens his life.