EMC PowerPath for Linux Installation and Administration Guide. ◇. EMC PowerPath for Release Notes. ◇. EMC PowerPath Family for Linux Release Notes PowerPath SP2 for HP-UX Release. Notes. PowerPath. EMC? PowerPath? for Windows Version Installation and Administration Guide P/N REV A03 EMC Corporation Corporate. 2 EMC PowerPath for HP-UX Version Installation and .. Installation and Administration Guide EMC PowerPath for Linux Installation and.

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If you have not already done so, check Powerlink for any hot fixes to PowerPath 5. You can instlal PowerPath Administrator to set up and change your device configuration and manage physical and logical path components. This keeps the node from participating in the cluster during PowerPath installation.

dmc Network Management Server Manual. If a product does not function properly or does not function as described in this guide, please instqll your EMC representative. If a version of the MPIO framework less than 1. Companies, names, and data used in examples More information. Verify that your environment meets the requirements found in the following: This feature is available in a separate software package available on Powerlink. In the left pane of the window, select all groups owned by node B.

Interoperability Navigator for the most up-to-date service pack requirements. Use the right arrow key to select Actions, and press Enter. Table 2 Properties Description The value must be a valid license or no license will be saved. Add the corresponding cXtYdZ device names. Parallels Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4. Typographical conventions EMC uses the following type style conventions in this document: Type your name and organization on the Customer Powerlath screen and click Next.


Verify the correctness of your configuration by running the following at the command prompt: Table 7 describes the variables used in the syntax. With automatic cluster startup, the instsll joins the cluster at boot time.

EMC PowerPath and PowerPath/VE for Microsoft Windows Version and Minor Releases – PDF

Change the alternate boot path to the new hardware path, by entering the following at the Main Menu: Do not uninstall any existing version of PowerPath on the host before upgrading to PowerPath 5. Upgrading to Windows Server and Windows Server R2 When upgrading the operating system .51 one of the following scenarios: If there are none, everything is working normally. Use rcp or ftp to copy the map file to the hosts in the cluster that do not have PowerPath installed.

Another workload with trivial stress program: When upgrading in a boot-from-san environment, the operating system upgrade may fail and the system may not reboot. Run powermt check to remove unwanted devices. Legal Notice The information in this publication is furnished for information use only, and does not.

EMC PowerPath and PowerPath/VE for Microsoft Windows Version 5.5 and Minor Releases

The following PowerPath 5. In the new volume group, create the logical devices root, stand, dump, swap, and usr required to boot the host. For hardware FC configuration I stopped those ones: PowerPath, including driver files and corresponding registry entries, is removed. To access the help menu qnd the drd command, do the following: To display this tab, select a storage array port, right-click, and select Properties.

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Storage Array All paths to the specific array have failed. The target directory for the log file must exist before starting a silent removal using the logging option as required by the Windows installer engine. Respond to the prompts to register Qdmin, as shown in Table 2 on page By default, PowerPath is installed on the C: Rebooting is recommended when removing PowerPath. A04 December 23, Added a Patch installation procedure.

Do not remove redundant cable connections from the array. Variables on command line?

Enter command or menu prompt while the host boots: You do not need to reenter the license on a host that has a valid PowerPath license. Physical Volumes belonging in Root Fro Group: For example, select c10t0d0. After the upgrade and reboot, the settings saved in the powermt.

Related documentation Here is the complete set of PowerPath documentation. Their sizes should be equal to or larger than the sizes of the corresponding logical devices in the current boot disk.


Names of resources, attributes, pools, Boolean expressions, buttons, DQL statements, keywords, clauses, environment variables, filenames, functions, utilities? To open a service request through Powerlink, you must have a valid support agreement. What user specifically selects, clicks, presses, or types Italic: All manuals are available on the EMC Powerlink website: After installing a hot fix and verifying the configuration is lknux, save your configuration.

Otherwise, powermt config may take a very long time.