Liebert Series Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) for the Single Module The Series UPS has been designed for Commercial/Industrial use only. Single Phase UPS system S i n g l e m o d u l e a n d ‘1 + N’ (e x p a n d a b l e) UNINTERRUPTIBLEPOWERSYSTEM User Manual EMERSON Network Power. Single phase ups system • Read online or download PDF • Emerson User Manual.

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Cable fixing samples from method 1 3. Measure and record the UPS output voltage on all three phases.

EMERSON Three Phase 7400 m series ups 40 kva gently used, Commercial

Kashi Kunji, Road No. Use one connector only -i. Modern generators can be started and brought on-line very quickly and where such a facility is incorporated into the UPS installation it results in short battery discharge periods and correspondingly rapid recharge times.

The battery circuit breaker will open automatically if the dc emerosn falls below this level. Sealed, maintenance-free batteries are normally used in this type of installation. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The supply is rated to approximately 10 watts and hence can be tapped from any suitable source. Connect one ribbon cable between sockets CN1 on one board and CN2 on the other, and connect the second ribbon cable between the remaining CN1 and CN2 sockets. Free Classified ads in India. If you already own and use a Liebert, we are doubly honoured by your decision of continuing this relationship.

It is our constant endeavour to partner you for the growth and success of your business. Accept terms and conditions and privacy policy. Location of UPS panels remain unchanged.

A terminal block is used for connecting the control cables to the battery circuit breaker and the external emergency stop facility. Being designed to furnish a well regulated 3 phase output power supply under all rated load and input supply conditions, the system offers the user the following advantages: Each module monitors its battery charge current and compares it with the charge current provided by the other module.


Chapter 5 – Maintenance Chapter 5 – Maintenance 5. This chapter contains information regarding the positioning and cabling of the one-plus-one UPS equipment and batteries.


This enables a module to match its charge current to that of its partner by effecting fine voltage control over the rectifier section. The end emeraon battery discharge is assumed when the battery voltage falls to Vdc.

Ensure that the UPS is totally powered down by checking for voltage at the mains input terminals, battery connection terminals, and output terminals and bypass mains input terminals in a split bypass emersob. Battery Management In case of common battery system, when emdrson modules are both operating, if procedures of Battery Test or Boost Charge are begun by one module, the other is forced to do the same thing. Pressing this switch activates the inverter and causes the load to be transferred to the inverter side of the static switch after the inverter voltage has had time to stabilise.

Wait 20 seconds then close the battery circuit breaker. The inverter synchronisation inhibit feature is most often used if the UPS is powered from a stand by generator when the input mains supply fails and the generator frequency is unstable. Top searches Hp intel dual core Desktop intel dual Mlm software Apple laptop book Desktop rams Intel dual core Website design Dell inspiron laptop keyboard Smart computing hp Xerox machine sales service Ddr2 server fbd ram Software faridabad Lenovo thinkpad l laptop Hp i7 laptop Hp laptop screen keyboard Ibm Data cards Dell intel core i3 Dell wipro core Computer software windows.

Three Phase Emerson 60 KVA Hardly Used UPS, M, Rs /piece | ID:

We are leading power solution provider and have experience of more than 15 years. When connected together, the battery terminal voltage will exceed Vdc and is potentially lethal. This does not happen if the system is 7400mm as a redundant system, in which case the second module is allowed to continue supplying the load from its inverter when 4700m first module trips its inverter off line.

Once again, the voltage supplied to these terminals must be generated by an external power source and not taken from the UPS internal low voltage supplies. If this is your first Liebert UPS, we hope it is the beginning of a long relationship which delivers value to your organisation. LS2 – Battery volts OK: Chapter 6 -Troubleshooting Troubleshooting UPS Systems The UPS contains complex electronic control circuits that require a firm understanding in order to carry out comprehensive fault diagnosis and repair of the equipment.


There are two LEDs contained within the switch panel area: This circuit breaker is closed manually, but it contains an undervoltage 7400, coil which enables it to be tripped wmerson the UPS control electronics following certain detects for faults. Smerson using the above contacts for remote alarm annunciation, the power supply for the remote indicators must be provided from an external power source. The following information aims to provide a trained user with sufficient knowledge to understand the nature of a fault through the correct interpretation of the accompanying alarms and indications, and to carry out any necessary first aid repair action.

That is, both modules will provide load power through their paralleled bypass lines. Remove any packaging devices debris then visually examine the UPS and battery eemrson for transit damage, both internally and externally.

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Enter text from picture: Series UPS Isolator configurations 1.

Emerson 7400m series

This led illuminates when the output isolator is closed and the load is connected to the inverter via the static switch. This is, however, subject to a short time delay to prevent the warning being activated by transient conditions. This is required to be connected to M3: Remote Alarm Monitor for Single Module Thoroughly clean inside the equipment enclosure using a vacuum cleaner and low pressure air to remove any foreign debris.

Click for more information: The manufacturer offers customer training, at a nominal fee, if required.