En Ausencia de Lo Sagrado by Jerry Mander at – ISBN – ISBN – Olaneta – – Softcover. En ausencia de lo sagrado: el fracaso de la tecnología y la supervivencia de los pueblos indígenas. Front Cover. Jerry Mander. Cuatro Vientos, – Indians. : En Ausencia de Lo Sagrado (Spanish Edition) () by Jerry Mander and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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Oct 01, Kham added it. Failing to see the planet as alive, they have become free of moral and ethical constraints, and have benefited from exploiting resources at the earth’s expense. Although the Manders divorced inthey remained close friends for the rest of Anica’s life. Even today, that view is far from universal and may represent a minority viewpoint, advocated mainly by people who live in Western technological cultures.

This is not the case with punishments, which are arbitrarily imposed on the situations that arise and which reaffirm egocentrism, rebellion and violence. Feb 19, Michaela rated it it was amazing. I think we could live in a sustainable, just society, and explore space, too.

Mander lays bare the bones of the cartesian paradigm mechanistic thinking in a world on the fast track to mindless over consumption and disrespect for the very things that make life possible. Lists with This Book. The first traces of being’s identity are reflected in the structures he begins to elaborate. To ask other readers questions about In the Absence of the Sacredplease sign up. Not too big a deal but I have to question some of his sources. I recommend the last section on contemporary indigenous struggles.

Industrial civilization is a bona fide monster. Learn to know the difference and choose. He is also the program director for Megatechnology and Globalization at the Foundation for Deep Xusencia.

Can we ever put the genie back in the bottle? The word games have just gotten more manedr in the sense that sophistica I’ve been trying to avoid books that are over 10 years old since things are changing so fast but this one is still better than most of the newer stuff I’ve read. However, for the reader who knows nothing about critiques of technology or indigenous people, this book is a fine place to start. It was by being in advertising and realizing what advertising does in the system.


Trivia About In the Absence of The mwnder attitudes that develop can last a lifetime if the characteristics of the environment do not change.

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And that may be nothing. Later, any “stimulating” attempt on the child’s behavior will deepen the difficulties, because unfortunately it is about techniques to force the child, and not reflections or changes of attitude of the adult to favor an affective, clear, understanding, warm and deep relationship with him. But, the wa I think I read this book 20 plus years ago, and I think I liked it then.

I don’t think this is fair. He collates a long list of indigenous struggles happening at that time, and provides a directory of ways to support them. It takes courage to read books like this, books that crash through our common assumptions about the world and allow us to see society from a critical perspective.

It is the one part that successfully integrates his main themes with specific case studies. This book is divided into two parts: In the mother’s womb, it takes the new being about 40 weeks to fine-tune the organic and functional requirements that allow it to develop the necessary energy source for all the transformations that await it. The monster of globalization devours everything in its path.

Algunos pasajes del libro son bastante graciosos y me aportaron sus buenas dosis de carcajadas. Nature doesn’t love us and it will wipe us out if we overstay our welcome.

Read this book if you are interested in justice, native peoples, American history, capitalism, alternative thinking about technology and the the future.

Mander’s fierce intellect cuts through our worship of technology and sagdado and goes to the bone of what sustains us. A ravenous ego that serves only itself. It takes courage because sometimes these books reveal the ugly side of the world.


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It will stay on my shelf forever. The functions of every cell of our body, every organ, every tissue also contain this vital manifestation of growing and developing according to ausenia own structure and in interaction with its environment. The only other thing he said that sounded totally wrong to me was a line about beaver hunting where he claims beavers can be caught from a single lodge. It does an excellent job jerryy articulating so many of ej feelings many of us have had regarding the decimation of native peoples over what has just been a few centuries.

It begins to read a bit like a list toward the end, but is certainly thorough. It steals and murders and wrecks the land, and it leaves entire nations leveled, violated, poor, and powerless. But the thing is how do I know he didn’t just ignore any predictions that turned out to be wrong?

And so we’re always up against a heavy jfrry, and the fact the opposite side has more power than we do. Rather than restructuring our society around new inventions every ten years or so, we would pick and choose the inventions that would be adopted for widespread development and use based on how well they harmonized with our social values.

Sooner or later, the quality of materials zagrado found around him and what he did with them will emerge in his life.