The Vatican has today published an Encyclical Letter from Pope Benedict XVI on Christian Love, entitled Deus Caritas Est. This is Pope. The following is a translation of the Summary of the Holy Father’s first Encyclical, Deus Caritas Est (God Is Love), which was published on Thursday, 26 January. Romanus Cessario, O.P. / Saint John’s Seminary, Boston. In the United States and Australia, the Encyclical Letter Deus caritas est enjoyed a.

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Justice and Charity The pious Jew prayed daily the words of the Book of Deuteronomy which expressed the heart of his existence: Augustine, that we discover by reading St.

The argument has vast implications, but a lengthy treatment would go beyond the scope of the present Encyclical.

Encyclical Letter ‘Deus Caritas Est’ on Christian Love from Pope Benedict XVI

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: First there is the word dodima plural form suggesting a love that is still insecure, indeterminate and searching. The Church has the duty to interpret ever anew this relationship between near and far with regard to the actual daily life of her members.

This has always been caritaas by Christian teaching on the State and by the Church’s social doctrine. Jesus himself, that night, appeared to him in a dream wearing that cloak, confirming the permanent validity of the Gospel saying: She cannot and must not replace the State.

In conformity with the episcopal structure of the Church, the Bishops, as successors of the Apostles, are charged with primary responsibility for carrying out in the particular Churches the programme set forth in the Acts of the Apostles cf. To her we entrust the Church and her mission in the service of love:.

In the love-story recounted by the Bible, he comes towards us, he seeks to win our hearts, encyyclical the way to the Last Supper, to encyclicaal piercing of his heart on the Cross, to his appearances after the Resurrection and to the great deeds by which, through encyclica, activity of the Apostles, he guided the nascent Church along its path.


There is admittedly some truth to this argument, but also much that is mistaken. In this contemplation the Christian discovers the path along which his life and love must move. In this family no one ought to go without the necessities of life. This is where Catholic social doctrine has its place: Building a just social and civil order, wherein each person receives what is his or her due, is an essential task which every generation must take up anew.

Its aim esh simply to help purify reason and to contribute, here and now, to carjtas acknowledgment and attainment of what is just.

He refers to the conjugal love exhibited in the Song of Songsand analyzes passages from the First Letter of St. The encyclical argues that eros and agape are not distinct kinds of love, but are separate halves of complete love, unified as both a giving and receiving. As our preceding reflections have made clear, the true subject of the various Catholic organizations that carry out a ministry of charity is the Letterr herself—at all levels, from the parishes, through the particular Churches, to the encyclicql Church.

In his opening address to the conference, His Eminence Cardinal Brady reminded us of the celebrated vision of the neighbour as all mankind that is provided by the parable of the Good Samaritan. His death on the Cross is the culmination of that turning of God against himself in which he gives himself in order to raise man up and save him.

When Jesus speaks in his parables of the shepherd who goes after the lost sheep, of the woman who looks for the lost coin, of the father who goes to meet and embrace his prodigal son, these are no mere words: When we consider the immensity of others’ needs, we can, on the one hand, be driven towards an ideology that would aim at doing what God’s governance of the world apparently cannot: In this context, one of the themes studied is the manner in which Deus caritas est reflects on the unity of the love of God and the love of neighbour.


Those who practise charity in the Church’s name will never seek to impose the Church’s faith upon others. Looking anew at the Vincentian Charism, Catherine Prendergast, DC, reflects at some length on the manner in which the insights of Deus caritas est can inspire the ongoing work of renewal that is an integral part of the religious life of a community such as the Daughters of Charity.

A Christian knows when it is time to speak of God and when it is better to say nothing and to let love alone speak. Whoever wants to eliminate love is preparing to eliminate man as such. In Latin In English. On the other hand, man cannot live by oblative, descending love alone. These words that begin the Encyclical express the core of the Christian faith.

Summary of Deus Caritas Est

In point of fact, St Vincent had a dread of a love of God which neglected the neighbour. Lettef is ,etter first and foremost to the fact that man is a being made up of body and soul. Many of our loves and charities illustrate this truth. Here we are actually dealing with a debasement of the human body: Now, in a series of brief meditations intended for young men and women in order to give them the desire to love the Blessed Virgin and to encourage them to recite many Rosaries for their salvation and that of the world, our Father formulated a wish, fulfilled today by this encyclical.

In reflecting on the truth of this insight, I am reminded of an extraordinary story which the Jewish critas Martin Buber tells of himself.

A maxim of the Carmel introduces the corpus of his works: They need heartfelt concern. It was in August Did Christianity really destroy eros?