Golden Dawn hermetic order and subsumes other divination systems such as Tarot, Geomancy, and Astrology. Enochian (or. Rosicrucian) Chess provides a. Since the publication of the secret rituals of the Golden Dawn in the s by the late Israel Regardie, there has been much speculation about Enochian chess’. ORDER THIS BOOK. Rosicrucian Chess of The Golden Dawn Steve Nichols Format: Cased-bound/matt laminate/pp. – over

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However, two people can play if each player operates a pair of allies. At least partially because of this veil of secrecy, authorship of this variant is unclear. Simon Soon rated it really liked it Jun 10, If the King is unable to move, then a piece must be strategically moved to aid the King. The bottom right-hand angle is the Fire Angle, and the bottom left- hand angle the Earth Angle. From these four squares the Bishops can move one square into a square of Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus or Water, these completing the series of squares in that Lesser Angle in which a Bishop can move.

I prefer to use three-dimen- sional figures. The top right-hand angle in each board is the Water Angle.

The move EB4d is substituted for EB4c. His second, fourth and sixth moves will equally bring him to any Aries System square.

Enochian chess

This opening appears conservative and initially safe for all players. The lightly shaded squares are the Servient Squares from which the chessboards enochixn made up. Earth and Water hold initial priority on the P4b, bringing it into use and thereby turning it into a pawn of importance, while Fire and Air concen- trate on putting their Bishops on the lb square, thus creating two firing lines right across the board — two important positions.

However, it has become common practice to simply use one pantheon on all boards the main pantheon attributed to the Earth Board and ignore the others. Briefly, however, the Golden Dawn considered that any force invoked or evoked for ritual had to be limited and controlled by a very powerful neu- tral force.

You can spend many enjoyable hours on game settings, piece movements, rules of the game, recording and game strategy. Early checks are tempting and easy — but not advisable, as shown below. We accept payment via Paypal only – Please pay within 3 days. However, these could not cover the expense of full- color printing, and we decided to produce a very small edition using color photocopying.


Her name in Coptic is Sheeooee tha ist. It may be a move you can attempt with an unsuspecting player, but not an experienced one. An Air Queen attack starts the game, but may be a mistake for the first move, because Water can now pressure Air. However, play is facilitated by making the corner spaces of the bolden at least twice as large as the other squares.

Zalewski is unclear on this point, but it could be guessed that the original queen can avoid demotion, allowing two black queens on enohian board. The back of the pieces were each painted a solid color depending on holden type: The shoulder straps are red and his collar, godlen, ankle bands and yolden bands are red and yellow striped. She holds a green lotus with red top in her right hand and in her left a green ankh. Although this seems like an aggressive move, it is in the long run a defensive move which also protects the Water King from teh obvious.

Every aspect of the game is covered, from the description of ghe chess pieces, to the four Flashing Tablet chess boards, rules of play, variations in the rules, methods of divinatory play, off divinatory interpretation of a game.

Her Coptic name is Eeisest. Enochian chess is not only a challenge to your intellect and concentration, but to many other hidden facets of your nature, which will be further discussed in Parts III and IV of this book.

However, Earth takes a pawn but fails a King capture. The Foot-soldier and the Ship may take; or run the risk, O Yudhishthira; enofhian Rajah, Elephant and Horse may take, but must avoid being taken.

He wears the white atef-crown with green and black striped feathers, a black nemyss and yellow menat. Enochian chess can be approached strategically from a two- handed chess modern chess point of view; e.

Example 3 An opening that becomes a quick middle- and endgame. No garment need you other than that of your own imagination. The greater Angle is that of the element of the board being used; e. The others enocjian cited only to help establish the historical pedigree for Enochian chess.


Paperbackpages. The Knight when placed in the two adjacent squares can only move to 3 others. Water can golcen N3a by threatening the Air Rook. This opening leads to a long and interesting game. His skin is colored green.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – Aries

Not only has the original system of play been greatly expanded upon and enriched, but this definitive study provides in-depth instruction for using the game as a divinatory tool — a tool offering insights into both external and internal influences through the complex movements of the archetypes represented by the chess pieces.

The allies are diagonal to each other. The same rea- son will explain the peculiarities of the curious differences between the columns — the number of times the Sign is dupli- cated, triplicated and missed. Earth delays Dawb by a Bish- op threat to the Air Rook. We were often told by former Whare Ra members who did make their chess sets that game play was almost impossible because of the lack of rules. There- fore, Q3c seems better as a first move.

They simply sit on the board acting as blocking terrain. The Earthy Board will be identical with the Goldfn. These books will themselves make more easily accessible the Spiritu- al Technology that is inherent in the Golden Dawn System.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Traditional Starting Procedure The first step to playing Enochian chess in the traditional manner is to select which of the four elemental boards will be used. This form of positioning is found in the game of Chaturanga and also coincides with a diagram of the swasti- ka as found in the original Golden Dawn cipher manuscripts.