ESky E Big Lama (G) Co-Axial Helicopter. White/Blue The Largest Co- Axial Helicopter by ESky – much larger than Lama V3! Instruction Manual. View and Download E sky Lama V3 manual online. Lama V3 Toy pdf manual download. This is the new Big Lama by Esky. concerned about the first readjustment to the RX Gyro Gain pot and Gain pot mentioned in the instructions.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I’ve had two of the “A” blades fracture without striking anything.

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It’s as stable as any coax, but will fly circles around one. The ezybaby coax is the only electric CP coax I know and the effort put into designing this heli clearly shows. Using a bug is great for orientation practice. May 29, BTW a very nice setup! With this done i had a ball flying this outstanding helicopter in the light sea winds in the west of Ireland. The quality and engineering of this larger co-axil helicopter is state of the art which makes it easier to fly and most of all, able to take more crashes!

Eric, Very nice site. Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment. Just one time for each eskg. I was thinking maybe there is a fuel line with the right diameter available.


When you take the Lama out, manula some one film it! Thus if you aren’t watching the clock you had best stay below 10 feed altitude. As a coaxial, it is stable and designed to fly in some windy conditions.

Yes the rudder can be slow to move but all you have to do is think ahead to where you what the heli to go. The disassembly starts by removing the fly bar, which a small set screw holds. This is how it will look like when done: Maybe I’m misunderstanding the directions, but it seems to be talking about subsequent adjustments rather than the first readjustment mentioned.

Jul 07, I couldnt manuak my eyes, it is impossible to use it outdoors, i didnt understand why the servos are moving so little?? Are these copters capable of other types of flight? It is much better now. Aug 03, Apr 04, Last edited by Blueabyss; Apr 20, at It is such a lovely piece of clone art.

Apr 15, manhal, Also please note we already have a size its called the wakera Lama D – Well done walkera for making the best coaxial in the world! The video was shot with some wind.

Esky Big Lama Review

I will have to disassamble the heli to get to the pushrods. I hope that walkera will not stop here and make a size soon for older clients. Found this on Youtube: Have made all the suggested mods, Trex CF blades, belt and feathering shafts etc.


Large coaxes fly like vig barndoor. Nice detail in your reviews as usual. I now have the set as n1 and the as n2.

I saves money too. Well, a size single rotor is quite stable. Tento manul dostanete automaticky zdarma koupi vrtulnku ale mete jej. Fully Loctite and CNA all screws.

I’d hang a person-carrying basket from the bottom and make it look intentional. I am just back from the west of Ireland where lamx had the Lama D flying in light sea winds. MoTheGSep 3, You can find me on http: Yeah, good sound advice about taping the blades, I found that myself after a lot of tail shaking.

Can be lots of fun 2. I know where you are coming from, However, i am on about the best coaxial you can buy and availability for all.

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I have almost no coax experience myself and a size coax sound really great. Due the big distance between bearing rotor and model. The Big Lama is offered edky a larger version of the original Lama which was designed for outdoor flying and stability.

Converted from esky big lama helicopter model for competition the international aerial robotics competition.