Key words: Duodenal diaphragm. Duodenal benign stenosis. Palabras clave: Diafragma duodenal. Estenosis duodenal benigna. Title: Estenosis Pilórica y Hernia Hiatal, Author: mario migliorati, Name: o del ligamento frénico-esofágico – muy laxo) Adquirida a cualquier edad por esfuerzo . Title: Estenosis Pilórica y Hernia Hiatal, Author: mario migliorati, Name: Estenosis Pilórica y Hernia Forma adquirida (9,8 años promedio).

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Carga de la estenois en Colombia. This finding is consistent with those reported by Franco, G. These data support the hypothesis that most of the patients reviewed, acquired the disease by airway, possibly caused by viral infection and did not require antibiotics such as macrolides.

In the report of 10 children with severe respiratory infection in Bogota, all wheezing and without fever, one in whom pneumonia by C. The average age at admission was six months, median of three months, ranging from one to months SD Minerva Pediatri ;62 2: No tests were performed in these children to adquirisa the causal agent and all were initiated in empirical treatment with macrolides to cover C.

The differential diagnosis for upper gastrointestinal obstruction in the newborn includes pyloric hypertrophy, annular pancreas, duodenal atresia, Ladd bands, and mesenteric clamp. Pediatr Infect Dis J ; 7: On the gastroscopy, the stomach presented absent motility and presence of food debris. The strength of the study is the number of patients evaluated with this entity.

Meaning of “estenosis” in the Spanish dictionary

These features become markers of severity, implying more care in the pediatric emergency department to the child with them. In the 7-year period assessed, children were admitted with a diagnosis of afebrile pneumonia in infants, noting that from 3 to 6 cases per year between andit increased to 17 to 34 cases per year after In a report of diagnosis and treatment of childhood pneumonia, Velasco, MV et al.

Through a cross-sectional study, we reviewed the medical records of children diagnosed with afebrile pneumonia treated at Hospital Universitario del Valle, a reference center in southwestern Colombia, between June and December The distal duodenum should be inspected, through a Foley catheter.


It is recommended to conduct esgenosis prospective study, taking nasopharyngeal swab of each patient admitted with this diagnosis to determine the etiologic agent and define its appropriate management.

Of 11 mothers who reported vaginosis during pregnancy, eight were treated, only two were minors, 10 attended prenatal care, all with birth by vaginal delivery and none of the children developed conjunctivitis.

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ESTENOSIS – Definition and synonyms of estenosis in the Spanish dictionary

The average stay was four days, median estenossis day, ranging between one and 28 days SD 6. The present illness had an average seven-day evolution, median of six days, ranging between one and 30 days SD 6with the most common symptoms: Rev Chil Pediatr ; We present this case of diagnosis of benign duodenal stenosis in adults, for its uniqueness; only isolated cases have been reported, describing two cases of 21 and 24 year old as the most prominent known piloricaa.

Over this time, she lost 10 kg in weight. A description of the study population was performed. No results were found of culture or serum antibody titers in the other children.

Discrete variables were described with absolute and relative frequency distributions. Only one medical story showed the result of eshenosis, in a nasopharyngeal pilprica sample, which was negative. Considering these results, a barium meal test was performed, which showed three stenosis with smooth and regular margins over the second and third part of the duodenum, with difficult passage compatible with diaphragms.

Other authors recommend that the combination of clinical and radiological parameters, positive for this entity, allows initiating empirical therapy with macrolides, without the etiologic agent 5, 19, One of the findings in this group of children was the stationary presentation of afebrile pneumonia, with two peaks of higher admissions: Pediatr Infect Dis J ; The patient began to tolerate fluids and nutritional replenishment and was completed for surgical intervention.

It is characterized by incomplete obstruction of the lumen, with a small hole in a diaphragm, whose pathogenesis is described as a lack of revacuolization in the solid cord stage of intestinal growth 1. Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria.

Una causa infrecuente de obstrucción intestinal en el adulto: diafragmas duodenales

With a greater number of admissions during the months of June to August in the first half of the year and during November-December in the second half. Acute respiratory infection ARI is the most common disease in humans. Cir Pediatr ;12 pillorica Afebrile pneumonia whooping cough syndrome in infants at Hospital Universitario del Valle, Cali, Case report We report the case of a years-old female with asthma, hypothyroidism on replacement therapy, pacemaker for 2 nd degree auriculo-ventricular block and appendicitis surgery in childhood.

  ANSI ASME B106.1M 1985 PDF

Chlamydial antibodies in children with lower respiratory disease.

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A retrospective study of 8 patients with afebrile pneumonia in infants whooping cough syndromediagnosed by direct immunofluorescence, showed a median age of three months, ranging from 10 days to 19 months, all with respiratory distress, half with spasmodic cough, emetic; with the radiological findings of diffuse reticular infiltrates, air trapping, and excellent response to oral erythromycin Duodenal obstruction from congenital bands: Dear EditorDuodenal diaphragm is an uncommon disease 1: June-August and November- December.

METHODS Through a cross-sectional study, we reviewed the medical records of children admitted to the emergency department at Hospital Universitario del Valle, between June and Decembera reference center in southwestern Colombia, with the following inclusion criteria: Only one mother of these nine children was a minor, eight attended prenatal care, none reported vaginosis during pregnancy, four children were born by caesarean section and five were admitted between June and July.

A group of children with this syndrome, acquired through the birth canal of infected mothers or carriers of Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma urealyticum, and Cytomegalovirus 7. Congenital duodenal anomalies in the adult. The most common neonatal diagnoses were: Arch Surg ; 5: Given the aforementioned, it was decided by this study to describe children with afebrile pneumonia syndrome whooping coughwho attended a reference center, Hospital Universitario del Valle.

When the etiologic agent is C.