EV QRX-112-75 PDF

The QRx/75 is a inch two-way, full-range loudspeaker system with watts continuous, watts peak power handling. The QRx /75 is a 12″, two-way full-range loudspeaker system that incorporates a 12″ woofer and a 3″ voice coil compression driver on an asymmetrical. 4 days ago (2x) EV QRX /75 Speakers and a case to roll both. These have been owned and cared for by a reputable sound company in NH. Light duty.

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Loudspeaker system frequency response shall be no less than 75 Hz to 15 kHz -3 dB measured on axis.

Which compression driver is in my qrx /75?

The asymmetrical horn can allow a single box to more adequately qrc-112-75 the high frequencies as needed, as well as streamline multi-cabinet arrays by extending horizontal coverage while minimizing overlapping and allowing tighter packs between the cabinets.

Five-sided cabinet design allows the system to be used as a floor monitor, as a front-of-house system or to be tucked tightly against a ceiling for low-profile applications.

The loudspeaker shall produce a sound pressure level SPL of 98 dB on axis at 1 meter with a power input of 1 watt and shall be capable of sustaining a full power, long term average output of dB on axis at 1 meter. Available in black or white. It features Ring-Mode Decoupling for pure, accurate vocals and rich reproduction of instruments.


The full-range system with passive network engaged shall handle watts of amplified power long-term in compliance with AES-EIA standards and have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. It shall have five sides with the fifth qdx-112-75 angle as such to provide stable and safe placement of the cabinet on its side for floor monitor applications. Handles shall be recessed within the sides of the enclosure and of such design to allow safe handling from any direction.

The top and bottom of the enclosure shall have L-track rigging installed and the rear shall have a pull-up point. Fittings shall include a tethered safety pin to ensure proper installation.


Enclosure is built of ply, void-free, grain-oriented plywood and finished in Futura, a baked-on polyurethane finish that dv rugged and durable. The enclosure shall be vented and tuned for optimum low-frequency extension.

DH7 3″ voice coil compression driver delivers beautifully detailed qrx-1112-75. An internal passive filter network shall be included providing crossover filters or component bandpasses and nominal system voicing.


As a floor monitor, the tight and clear midrange coupled to a large format HF diaphragm helps cut through stage rumble while delivering smooth reproduction.

For pricing options and packages, contact us at The fully rotatable horn means that regardless of cabinet position, pattern control is fully rqx-112-75. The input panel shall incorporate two switches allowing external configuration between biamped or passive operation.

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The horn shall be constructed of a material and design so as to be capable, structurally, of supporting qrx-1122-75 HF driver without any internal braces or suspension, allowing a full degree rotation of the horn.

It shall be finished in black or white acrylic paint or available unfinished. The system is shipped with 4 Ancra single-stud fittings. There is a built-in L-track rigging on the top and bottom of the enclosure and a single-stud pull-up point on the back. The loudspeaker enclosure shall be constructed of ply void-free cross-grain-laminated Birch plywood. Three single studded ancra fittings rated for overhead use shall be included with each loudspeaker system.