Evidentiality the Linguistic Coding of Epistemology Advances in Discourse Processes – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. EVIDENTIALLY: The Linguistic Coding of Epistemology edited by Wallace Chafe University of California, Santa Barbara Johanna Nichols University of California. With the Future Behind Them: Convergent Evidence From Aymara Language and Gesture in the Crosslinguistic Comparison of Spatial Construals of Time.

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It is indifferent to aspectual distinctions: In his chapter Language, he briefly mentions ‘source of information—whether seen, heard, or inferred’ as an obligatory category in an unspecified language Boas A complete statement of the alternations in the verb stems is not epistejology in a short paper, but occasional formulaic explanations are given along with some of the early examples. Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology, 6.

Evidential Diachrony in Northern Iroquoian.

What follows is an attempt to sort out the Patwin phenomena in such a way as to render them accessible for crosslinguistic and historical discussion of evidentials. Examples are given in 17 and The University of Queensland.

Among those functions are marking of some types of negation, of evidentialitt verbs in the quotative mode, and of the subordinate purposive verbs.

Catalog Record: Evidentiality : the linguistic coding of | Hathi Trust Digital Library

One of these, although not labelled as such, is the category of evidentials: To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. If -re- like the other two evidentials reconstructed so far, is derived from a verb, it is not foding that the preceding verb should have been subordinated to it.


The Epistemokogy system is less homogeneous than that of Wintu: It denotes that the speaker believes his proposition to be true because of his experience with similar situations, regular patterns, or repeated circumstances common in human life. Chemehuevi ‘say’ and the Uto-Aztecan quotative pattern. Evidentials in Patwin 69 Another class of clitics in Patwin which modify the sense of th statement in the declarative mode are what could be termed assertives.

Reprinted in Whorf c: New Haven and London: A grammatical sketch of Tunica. Similarly, Maricopa has developed a reportative clitic derived from the independent verb meaning ‘say’.

That first word is usually a sentence connector like mul ‘that, then’ S25, S27, S33moRu ‘this, now’, men ‘thus’, mensiba ‘having done so with a continuation of the agent of the preceding sentence ‘, mensi-li ‘having done so with a switch in agent ‘, etc.

Evidentiality: The Linguistic Coding of Epistemology

University of Western Australia Library. An event is not causally anterior to its existence in potentiality. He states that it exists for him, leaving the addressee free to believe him or not, feel compassion or not, check the truth of the statement or not.

Patwin 2 divergent groupings of dialects 1. The only way in which Wintu verbs locate events with respect to speakers similar to English tense deixis is with the evidential suffixes.

Evidentiality: The Linguistic Coding of Epistemology – Google Books

Originally this morpheme probably meant something like ‘maybe, potentially, e t c ‘ and later changed its meaning to hearsay when it occurred in past time contexts. One additional passage recognizing essentially the same concept in a general survey has come to my attention. He describes the interaction of this distinction with the category of volitionality, as well as with the more typical Tibetan marking of inference, and discusses the conceptual overlap which leads to the marking of all three with the same grammatical material.


Patwin is closely related to Wintu, and thus provides an opportunity for historical comparison of evidentiality within a single language family.

Inferred probability is marked in Makah by -xa: The third evidential is -re- the inferential. Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Albanian.

These, too, are not truly evidentials. Language of the Sierra Miwok.

Evidentiality: The Linguistic Coding of Epistemology (Advances in Discourse Processes) (v. 20)

If we imagine the flow of time consisting of consecutive events as a line on which we place a particular event cooding a speaker, tenses in English locate the event under discussion along the flow of time as preceding, following, or coinciding with the moment of speaking. For it to occur with the first person subject marked by -da, the speaker has to be both the agent of what the verb stem expresses and the patient or experiencer of the sensation that goes with the action without at the same time seeing the action.

Neither past nor future can be directly observed in the present cf. Boas does not mention evidentials in his several treatments of grammatical linvuistic and their possible diffusion among Indian languages, but he touches on them again in some general essays in his last years.

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