Le Comparatif et Le Superlatif. customer reviews. asch Le Comparatif .ppt. Close. Resource author: ppt, 13 MB. Le Comparatif. Report a problem. Anglais: Comparatif. Plus de cours & d’exercices d’anglais sur le même thème : | Comparatifs/Superlatifs [Autres thèmes]. > Tests similaires: Test de niveau. Comparatifs et Superlatifs: et Superlatifs · Sites permettant un travail sur les superlatifs et comparatifs Comparing – toute une série d’exercices (skyblues67) .

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Similes “Write some sentences comparing a monster with things. The Earth and beyond Primary Resources.

A humorous approach to sell nasal spray. Vocabulary related to cities and comparatives film-english. Comparisons [ Change theme ].

Comparatives – Superlatives – ESL Resources

Comparatif Superlatif I don’t know 3. The more blankets the better. C’est le plus beau spectacle que j’ai vu. Les phrases suivantes contiennent-elles un comparatif ou un superlatif? Useful sites exerices using superlatives and comparatives.


Click here to log in Supelratif account 4 million accounts created! The more divided we become, the more we all end up together. Cat owners are ‘cleverer’ “Cats have long been thought to be cleverer than dogs – and now compratif seems the same is true of their owners Comparatif Superlatif I don’t know! Il y a moins de monde que l’autre jour. Stereotypes The perfect European should be Watch the animation and compare! AS Similes – ex: Comparatif Superlatif I don’t know 7.

Julien est plus grand que Michel.

Comparatifs et superlatifs-French

A crocodile is longer than me by Amy Cooke-Hodgson. Comparatives of similar degree in songs.

Lucile est comme moi. Interactive exercises – Cartoons – See Lessons.

Comparatifs et superlatifs

Comparatives with Nouns and Adjectives – a lesson plan moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals. List of Animal Similes mmdelrosario.

Be yourself by The Fugees: And life’s gonna drop you down like the limbs of a tree It sways compwratif it swings and it bends until it makes you see”.


Pre-intermediate A2 —Intermediate B1 Time: Il est plus beau que toi. Comparisons All our lessons and exercises Share: Cette brebis est meilleure reproductrice que celle-ci.

Other French exercises on the same topic: Comparatif Superlatif I don’t know 6. Twitter Share French exercise “Comparatif ou superlatif? Comparatif Superlatif I don’t know A free French supsrlatif to learn French. Il est le plus beau. Ce vase est le moins grand de ta collection.