Fallout PnP – Looking for a player or two · Skyeris, Aug 19, Replies: 0. Views: Skyeris: Aug 19, AlbinoGiraffe. h1. *_FALLOUT_* h2. _*CORE RULEBOOK*_ *_REBALANCED_* _*Warning: These rules and tools are currently out of date*_ h3. Fallout: PNP RPG rules. I’ve kept all the rules from the game’s SPECIAL system intact, except for gun damage, which I modified – without any change to the.

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Knowledge covers everything the Science and Medicine don’t.

Fallout PNP additions and revisions | No Mutants Allowed

My character sheet is also ready alas, it’s in French, but I will post a pic of it in case anyone likes it and wants to use it. Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way. Btw, my character sheet is done, I’ll post a pic of it in the next post. PyroAug 2, It is indeed a fan group and I aim to support both 2E and 3E rulesets. Well, Vic on Fallout falloyt and his daughter from Vault City got into a discussion when they fa,lout met up. PyroJul 21, Calculating exactly what dice, how many, and then the added damage for many of the weapons kept me busy for about a week.

Afllout the meanwhile, here’s a sample of my character sheet. They’re included in fallot Supplemental Rules, hopefully they’re available for download soon. The idea with the post Castro regime could work also. Here is a link to the equipment Manual for my edition of Fallout PnP: I’m almost done with my own set of rules.


McCabbeJul 25, Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, falkout, etc. Taloswind updated the wiki page Secondary Statistics. If you’re going to play by the rules, play by the rules.

As you may notice, I made some cuts in the fighting area, and reorganised them in a different fashion.

I have gone through the same process myself. To be falllout back and to have the files available for download I PMed two administrators about it.

Fallout-PNP- Rules | Obsidian Portal

Things get better after you get out of the mountains and onto more flat stretches of the region. Want to add to the discussion? What was left was: I based it also on Mical’s works, with a sharper, simpler rulebook.

These rules and tools are currently out of date I am currently working on the final edit of these rules after years of testing and changes. The files will be intended as supplements to Jason Mical’s rules, to be used in conjunction with his rulebooks until I have had a chance to compile all my work into a rulebook of my own. Thus the conversion did not translate accurately to the PNP world.

We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. It’s worth reading so as to give you ideas to adapt to whatever overall rules you want to use.

I think he’ll be the less Falloutesque character. August 08, Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site. If you want to play by your own system, by falloyt means. For one reason or the other whether that be because of dissatisfaction with the inaccuracies of various information, exasperation from incorrect data or whatever I decided to dedicate a little time into making corrections of his material.


What about the parts for repair? Restoring advanced tech items like Energy Weapons and Technical Armors are the exception, that requires a perk. But I don’t think it should take this long should it? Action Points – tallout the same as in Fallouts 1,2. Discussion in ‘ Roleplaying Board ‘ started by PyroJul 20, August 14, I’m in the process of writing a new campaign and looking for new ideas.


Fallout PnP (Pen and Paper)

Yes, my password is: This material includes stats for main characters, motives, new locations, factions, quests, plots, fsllout works. I’d be interested in seeing that Character Sheet too.

The other has yet to respond. Fallout New Vegas tried to portray the region as the Mojave desert. It is in the Mojave vicinity but everyone in the area here knows it as the Four Corners, Midwest, or Rocky Mountain region, but whatever.

PyroJul 28, PyroJul 20, To me, a GM should never have to read his rulebook during a gaming session.