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Apr 07, Traci rated it it was amazing.

Women in the West are confined by something else, by the ability of men to value them only for beauty. Which was completely different from the eastern point of view As she was seen as intelligent an smart woman who has succeeded in saving many women from death Es un 3 y medio. On several occasions in the late s and early s she conducted interviews in order to map prevailing attitudes to women and work.

And I’m definitely going to add a few chapters to the readings the next time I’m teaching orientalism! Utterly intriguing book about the representation of Scheherazade and harem life in the West.

The Ideal Beauty Size Is 0, flawless skin, perfect hair, perfect teeth, etc. No categories specified categorize this paper. The analysis of Western artists’ fatemq of the harem and how this visual representation of it, which is an instrument of the male gaze,is a tool of control, was intriguing also. Approximate Decidability in Euclidean Spaces.

– Document – Residency documents for all! Notes to understand the movement of migrants in Barcelona

In this review, I will talk about the way Mernissi have dealt with the issue of men as an authoritarian member in the family, and the way she differentiates between Western and Eastern men. So I’ll just post my review next Sunday after the hangover on my blog.

Armin Hemmerling – – Mathematical Logic Quarterly 49 1: They only differ in color. Mernissi illustrates the sharp contrast of the western and eastern harems the western harem being one of ideology rather than physical presence while also analyzing the differing sexual attitudes, depiction, and behaviors of the west and the east. More editions of L’harem e l’Occidente: Some are more visible than others, but I found it interesting to see all of those pointed out and to view today’s world in a different way.


Tales of a Harem Girlhood: Overall, I think that this book is noteworthy when interested in reading about the divide between the West and East, and realizing that this divide isn’t as immense as some think it. So, if these were places of reclusion devoid of sensuality and sexuality, by definition closed and interdicted to men, where anger and frustration existed in equal measures, why then did those established Western artists take pleasure in representing them as they did, so contrary to reality?

To be beautiful, women have to appear childish and brainless. Women watch themselves being looked at. She debunks the myth of the harem by comparing its Eastern purpose a defined space that houses women and children and separates them from men with the Western man’s projections of the harem being a pleasure house where scantily occidetne women are always available to satisfy their every need.

Scheherazade Goes West: Different Cultures, Different Harems

They started giving mernissu of beauty and of the utility of a woman as a whole. Sep 22, GhaDeeR rated it really liked it. But someone who can figure out so much about Western culture from the outside can probably make equally true observations about her own culture from the inside.

Here we see unravel the interested investigation of those authors and artists who have praised and painted the forbidden as pleasant, slavery as walled-up happiness, the poor tendency to nudity and eroticism. I found the chapter on Intelligence Versus Beauty the most compelling-but I feel soon after this chapter the book loses speed. In other words women of the Muslim harems are not subservient sex slaves, fatdma the woman take an active part in the sexual male vs female dichotomy were intelligence is both expected and necessary.


She also differentiate between different Islamic cultures,saying that Turkish women were having control over their men, and gave mernissi of famous powerful women in different cultures,like Empress of the Mughal EmpireNur Jahan mernixsi was the best tiger haunter Men agree more on the fact that women should be educated because they are the ones responsible for rising the new generations.

She then move to another point which is Western representations of Scheherazade in ballet, Hollywood movies and paintings She was trying to say by her stories that you fztema not the only man who has been betrayed More editions of Women’s Rebellion and Islamic Memory:. It’s a short, fairly quick read, and an interesting one. Mernissi was a lecturer at the Mohammed V University of Rabat and a research scholar at the University Institute for Scientific Research, in the same city.

Interviews with Moroccan Women by Fatima Mernissi. Founded inBookFinder. Great not only for analyzing gender relations in the West, but also cultural differences.

She plays the role of the slightly naive visitor trying to ask why Western artists and authors insist on portraying the women of Turkish and Arab harems as silent, yet habitually unclad. To ask other readers questions about Scheherazade Goes West harrn, please sign up. Eastern men fear women in vacuum places unlike those in the west who get even more self-confident.

L’harem E L’occidente by Fatema Mernissi 9788809047754

Barton Byg – – Telos: Now, in Scheherazade Goes West, Mernissi reveals her unique experiences as a liberated, independent Moroccan woman faced with the peculiarities and unexpected encroachments of Western culture.

Moreover, women were kept away from art professions for quite a long time. Tales of a Harem GirlhoodI would recommend reading Dreams first.