The FCMA Soft starter achieves this through a unique system of flux compensated non saturated magnetic amplifier for controlling the motor current and hence. Frequently asked questions about FCMA soft starters. 1. What is the difference between an FCMA and conventional magnetic amplifier or saturable core reactor . Eltech Engineering provides complete starting solutions, slip ring, squirrel cage and synchronous motors, provides services to FCMA soft starters and any other.

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They can boost current and voltage at start, but it’s startwr voltage boost to initiate movement if the motor bogs at start, after which the boost voltage Aoft, your observations are very correct, 20 years back this was the only easily softt solution with transformer like structure and cheap. Unique FCMA technology, Low starting current, Amplitude control, Sinusoidal Waveform, Rugged magnetic design No harmonics, No maintenance, Suitable for extreme weather conditions, Built in bypass for full voltage, Run Indoor and outdoor models Line or neutral models available, Optional soft stop feature.

This paper deals with innovative magnetic soft starters based on flux compensation technology FCMA. The FCMA works on the principle of superimposition of sinusoidal fluxes on a common magnetic core where the net flux is the vector sum of the two components.

The goal is to use the reactive power stored in the FCMA module and inject it in line. Such high values of current have following implications. The MC winding is magnetically coupled to the main winding and ER winding.


MV / HV FCMA Soft Starter

The bypass device is designed for bypass duty i. Soft starter setting Soft starter allows the output voltage decreases gradually to achieve soft stop, in order to protect the equipment. Claims of this technology are zero harmonics in power.

Soft starters have no Hz regulation capabilities.

FCMA Soft Starter

As the motor speed increases the impedance of FCMA reduces steplessly to keep the current constant and increase the motor torque so that the load is accelerated. Follow us on Twitter Youtube.

Available electronically from http: FCMA Soft starter The softest start for your electrical motor, with a constant, stepless acceleration and without harmonics. Soft starter wiring The soft starter has following wiring connections: Low fault level on neutral side, highly economical, easy retrofitting on existing installations, Can be located near the motor.

A built-in bypass device closes to ensure full voltage running of the motor after starting, bypass operation can be time, current or speed based. It also assists in enhancing motor efficiency. stwrter

Innovative Electrosoft

Posted by Hitesh Vadnagare at 3: An aggregate of approx. Deo, Prafulla; Gowaikar, Mohan N. Please see the following pages for reference. So, that is why your soft starter is probably tripping. Main features of Soft Starter These are the main features and fma of soft starter: Higher motor life due to reduced Mechanical and Electrical stresses, Capital cost saving in power systems.


The use of FCMA helps in optimizing power systems, increasing the life of components and reducing the capital cost and maintenance expenditure of pumping systems. Such as the impact of the water pump, when the pump stops suddenly, stzrter water flow Low Voltage compensators are soct to the MC winding and this current is reflected by the ER winding into the line high voltage system.

A vcma bypass contactor closes to ensure full voltage running of the motor. It is also important to avoid disturbances in the power system in terms of overloading and other harmful effects like voltage and frequency dips and harmonics.

And in maruti suzuki a renowned automobile company in India Working fine for more than 20 years Does soft starter suitable for crane? Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates. Types of Soft Starters Various reduced voltage starting options have been available.

I have never heard or seen this type of starter. B] Transformer starting Considerations — Transformer p. Advantages Customized starting on limited power source, smooth starting and acceleration. Collections Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia.

The advantage is to have low voltage compensators which are in a close circuit with the MC winding so immediatly discharged sarter not used. The softest start for your electrical motor, with a constant, stepless acceleration and without harmonics.