Now the religious scholars of the age of the finality of Prophethood, which is the age of knowledge, are capable of applying the general principles of Islam to the. This belief in the finality of Prophethood has been an established belief of the Muslims since the time of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). The Finality of Prophethood of the Last Messenger, Muhammad Sall-Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam. By Mufti Zubair Bayat. Scores of Qur’anic verses, and dozens of.

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This process is called ijtihad.

I and the prophets before me can be likened to a person who constructed a beautiful building but in a corner there was a gap for a brick. Since this was not to be the case, the Prophet Muhammad sws had to fulfil this responsibility: Thus one of the reasons of the renewal of Prophethood disappeared.

Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah.

Chapter Finality of Prophethood | Man and Universe |

Thus no possibility remains for a person to receive divine revelations or visions or to converse and come in contact with God. The first objection to which it is amenable is that if this philosophy was accepted, that would mean that not only there was no longer any need of a new Prophet or a new revelation, but proohethood there was also no need of any guidance by revelation at all, for experimental intellect had taken its place.

A man erected a building and adorned this edifice with great beauty, but he left an empty niche, in the corner where just one brick was missing. In Islam prophecy reaches its perfection in discovering the need of its own abolition.

The admonition will be received by those who fear Allah: The popular Yusuf Ali translation reads. All his efforts in fact, are directed to prove that reason and science though necessary for propherhood society are not enough. Divine revelation is neither astrology nor geomancy nor a dream.


The title is generally regarded by Muslims as meaning that Muhammad is the last in the series of prophets beginning with Adam. In the same finalty the man of the age of finality with the proclamation of the end of Prophethood has secured the certificate of the completion of his education.

Ernst considers the phrase to mean that Muhammad’s ffinality on history is as final as a wax seal on a letter. We will make our comments on it under the following heading:. In these discussions, the most frequently mentioned numbers are and prophets an- biyii’ and messengers rusul, mursaliin. Mosque of the prophet Possessions Relics.

Khatam an-Nabiyyin – Wikipedia

The whole earth has been made the place of worship for me and it has become the means of purification for me also. To Conclude It stands proved in the above written lines that 1 the Holy Quran, 2 unbroken chain of ” Mutawatir ” Ahadith, and 3 Consensus of the Muslim Ummah vouch that the holy Prophet Muhammad SAW was the terminator of the entire chain of venerable prophets with no exception peace be upon them.

The number of the law-giving Prophets did not exceed the number of the fingers fonality one hand. Rumi, the mystic poet says:. The Qur’an therefore maintains that no community was left without a prophet2 and mentions a considerable number of prophets by name.

I pray that He empowers me to tell the truth and stand by it. Dear brothers and sisters know that it is incumbent upon Muslims to believe that Prophethood has ended with the advent of Sayyidna Muhammad al-Mustafa Habib Allah may the peace and blessing of Allah be propuethood him.

They are on true guidance, from their Lord, and it is these who shall be successful. The Prophet said, “The Children of Israel used to be ruled and guided by prophets: Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World.

The eminent scholar and great Muslim thinker, Dr Iqbal, in spite of his extraordinarily intelligent discussions of the Islamic questions by which we have personally been greatly benefited and of which we have made use in this and other books, has been involved in a great misunderstanding while explaining the philosophy of the finality of Prophethood.


Chapter 17: Finality of Prophethood

Who doth more wrong than such as forge a lie against Allah or deny His Signs? However, if someone insists that the word has been used in this meaning and if for the sake of discussion we accept this view, then too the result would be no different. Finality of prophethood in Sunni Islam.

The revelation of the Prophethooe Qur’an corresponded with a period when humanity had passed the period of its childhood and had become able to preserve its intellectual heritage. I am the last in finaltiy line of Prophets and you are the last community of believers. Once born it must be reinforced by inhibiting the growth of other modes of knowledge”.

But for the intellectually developed man of the age of finality these things have ceased to be authoritative, and are now like other occurrences and phenomena open to critical scrutiny. He has based his conclusions on certain points, which we mention below, point by point: This is the real meaning of intercession.

BukhariMuslim, Tirmidhi. Not only that but the Prophet SAW was also pleased to bring forth such expositions of this word Khatam-un-Nabieen that all doubts relating to his finality in prophethood stand void and misinterpretations exposed.

There exists a continuous and unbroken chain of citations of Ahadith from a large number of venerable Sahabah or Companions of the Prophet Allah be pleased with themthat there shall be no Nabi or Rasool after Muhammad SAW “. The Essence of Prophethood Prophethood is the selection of an individual for the purpose of communication with the Almighty.