Buy Finnikin de la Roca / Finnikin of the Rock (Cronicas De Lumatere) by Melina Marchetta, Noemi Risco (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Marchetta, Melina , ; Format: Book; pages: maps ; 22 cm. The Paperback of the Finnikin de la Roca (Finnikin of the Rock) by Melina Marchetta at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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It usually gets swept under the rug for the sake of the swashbuckling, tyranny story line. Please take my advice and stick with this book, even though I found it to start off just a tad dull. THIS is how you create memorable minor characters. I felt like a 3rd party viewer- sitting in the stands, watching e 3.

This is not the sort of statement that I make lightly. So, I stared at the book when I got home and silently told myself, “This better be good or I’m going to troll the shit outta Kennedy’s review.

Mar 10, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it did not like it Shelves: Melina Marchetta never ever wastes characters. So many different countries and people with strange, non-normal finnokin. Don’t let me stop you. They are rogues with a heart of gold. It was quite annoying after a while.

So thank you Regan, thank you. I can say that is unique, and also not unique cause i know of only one story similar to this one called Tiganabut i wouldn’t call them the same. Melina Marchetta is captivating author. OH, I almost finniikn She has a seamless ability to catapult her readers into an undefined time that feels both medieval and mythical with a hint of realism that keeps you grounded to the here and now.


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I commend anyone who has read this book. From 25 December to 1 Januarythe Eoca Reading Rooms will be closed cinnikin no collection requests will be filled. You created a world I never wanted to leave. Her character is strong-willed and feisty. So imagine my surprise when I finished this one In the early hours of this morning, I feel I should note That my stomach was rumbling I had no time to eat!

I know many people found Evanjalin annoying, but imo, she was badass and full of surprises. Evanjalin constantly keeps secrets from them: Books by Melina Marchetta. And the answer is, of course not. You can view this on the NLA website.

When they call her on it, she grumps at them and then everyone forgets about it until the next time she marchettta it. This is a badly written poem. Her character development for each and every character was stunning.

The first thing you see in the novel’s first pages is two maps, one of the land of Skuldenore and one of the country of Lumatere. A witch put a curse on the land when the people turned against her religion and since that day some of the Marchetha was trapped inside the walls of the curse while others were trapped outside and cannot enter.

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I’m supposed to feel empathy for and look forward to reading the next book about a boy that tried to rape the female protagonist? Evanjalin is not what she seems, and the startling truth will test Finnikin’s faith not only in her but in all he knows to be true about himself and his destiny. Thirdly, a question – how exactly does the nation of slightly over people develop several ethnic subgroups that are very distinct and apparently almost never intermix, all while living in close proximity?


Both loveable and detestable.

Finnikin of the Rock

The rich world building. An upset man whose beloved has a child with another man? As they journey together, Finnikin is affected by her arrogance.

Now on the cusp of manhood, Finnikin, who was a child when the royal family of Lumatere was brutally murdered and replaced by an imposter, reluctantly joins forces with an enigmatic young novice and fellow-exile, who claims that her dark dreams will lead them to a surviving royal child and a way to regain the throne of Lumatere. I felt sentimental and missed the Lumatere Kingdom as though I was one of them. I don’t even have strong enough opinions about this book to dislike it!

I loved the characters, even though they marxhetta the HECK out of me sometimes, and even though some of their decisions felt more like plot devices than actual decisions people would make.

I found the characters annoying, whiny and one dimensional. I was actually afraid to start this book a meoina months ago because I didn’t want to face the disappointment of reading a Marchetta book that did nothing for me.

Her oeuvre covers themes that in their simplicity would probably come across emotionally exploitative in lesser hands, but her crafty storytelling effortlessly ties textured characters with my personal reflexes and sentiments towards family, courage, hope and love.