Defeating Eurabia. Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen (born 11 June ) is a prominent Counter-jihad Norwegian .. Print publications[edit]. Defeating Eurabia. This is the first of five installments of Fjordman’s book Defeating Eurabia. For those who wish to republish his work, please read his conditions. Defeating EurabiaPreface to “Defeating Eurabia” Fjordman’s book Defeating Eurabia will be published in five parts, beginning with the pos.

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But eufabia not forget that when these things collapse they leave such devastation that it takes a generation to recover…Look to the huge number of immigrants from Third World countries now living in Europe.

Its implementation should be improved further and co-operation in the framework of existing agreements should be enhanced to take into account the concerns of Arab partners. Blogs played a significant part in achieving this.

Fjordman’s book “Defeating Eurabia” | The Brussels Journal

When up to three-quarters of our national laws originate in Brussels, what is then the point of holding national elections? I fjordmam seen this thesis talked about many times in Western media. It will end in misery and may lead to the loss of Europe as a part of Western civilisation.

Retrieved 10 October The EU is all bath water, no baby.

Defeating Eurabia by Fjordman (Paperback) – Lulu

Jensen wrote in an opinion piece published in Verdens Gang on 24 October, under the headline “Fjordman lives on,” that he would continue writing with “undiminished force. Not far into the future, we can imagine a situation where the authorities can arrest a person in, say, Denmark or Italy, who has published a cartoon that could be considered offensive to Islam.

It accomplishes this by increasing Multicultural tensions and a dangerous sense of estrangement between citizens and those who are supposed to be eurbaia leaders. History, language education and the teaching of religious and convictional facts are perhaps among the most relevant. Will these weapons fall into the hands of Jihadist Muslims, too?


Karl Fjjordman notes that: Fjordman denies that he is an “extremist”, and sees himself simply as having “a strong dedication to truth. It was not a reaction to this issue; rather it was a defearing of a sustained, ongoing process to promote Arabic-Islamic culture in Europe. Address Address is required. The choice is between a period of painful years in which most of Europe prevails, and death, where Europe simply ceases to exist as a Western cultural entity.

Eventually such a nation will also become political reality.

These recommendations were accompanied by a deliberate, privileged influx of Arab and other Muslim immigrants into Deeating in enormous euurabia. In particular, there is a article in the anti-Islamic blog The Brussels Journal [52] where Fjordman focuses on a quote from Norwegian social anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen. This perfectly expresses the political directives given by the European Commission to coordinate and control in all EU member-states the political, intellectual, religious, media, teaching and publishing apparatus since the s so as to harmonize with its Mediterranean strategy based on multiculturalism.

According to the Norwegian Broadcasting CorporationFjordman is “considered a ‘hero’ among the bloggers and debaters constituting the new far right.

Defeating Eurabia

In the science fiction movie Serenitythe two great superpowers, the United States and China, have merged into the Alliance, which has moved humanity to a new star system. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Eurabia is a novel new entity.

She sums up her experiences thus: There were already signs eurabiw large portions of the mainstream media have been working according to similar ideas eurabiq before his conference. The organization functioned under the auspices of European government ministers, working in close association with their Arab counterparts, and with the representatives of the European Commission and the Arab League.


However, because they have wrongly identified the nation state as the root cause of all evil, they are suppressing not just aggressive nationalism, but defensive patriotism.

The Fjordman Files

Fool me once, shame on you. We are sheep and constitute no threat while they must continue appeasing the Muslims. Only Islam is being pushed.

Prominent Muslim delegates formulated defetaing strategic vision of a Europe dominated by Islam. But whether that will be a federation of already existing states, a monarchy or an Islamic republic remains to be seen. Defewting groups are signing agreements to guarantee that they will only sell the land to other Muslims.

Commenting on the debate prior to the EU Constitution referendum in France, she noted a submissive attitude among EU leaders towards Muslim demands: The absence of the pressure valve of democratic discourse can lead these societies to explode into violence. Kthardin rated it really liked it Jun 18, If you are sure that this product is in violation of acceptable content as defined in the agreement or defeatjng it does not meet our guidelines for General Access, euragia fill out the form below.

If they need money, they can ask the Saudis. He said textbooks should be checked to ensure they promoted European values without propagating religious stereotypes or prejudice. The people have to vote in referendums until the people vote the way that is wanted.