Fomenko is considered a top mathematician, being a member Fomenko’s New Chronology asserts that most of. The “New Chronology” (or NC) is a scientific current led by mathematicians Anatoly T. Fomenko, Gleb V. Nosovskiy and their collaborators. New Chronology looks like a volca definition of badhistory, it’s zenith, it’s triumph. Fomenko says that history is much shorter than you think.

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Wikimedia Commons Isaac Newton. While the finer points of the Fomenko theory are as convoluted and confusing as you might expect, the guiding principle is that recorded history before the 11thth centuries is generally unreliable for various reasons.

Fomenko History of the New Chronology. Many outstanding scientists understood it and discussed during a long period of time. An important property is the length of the rule. The Issue with Troy History: By the early s, Fomenko shifted his focus from trying to convince the scientific community via peer-reviewed publications to publishing books.

Contents, Foreword, Abstract – A. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. James’ attempt at historical revisionism could be the most seriously argued yet. For the rest of the book enw absolutely worthless.

One might wonder why we should want to revise the chronology of ancient history today and base our revision on new empirical-statistical methods.

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This task naturally fits into the field of applications to modern mathematical statistics, fomenok of information. According to Fomenko’s claims, the written history of humankind goes only as far back as ADthere is almost no information about events between AD —, and most known historical events took place in AD — High to Low Avg. Seltene von den Autoren verwendete Darstellungen und Texte.

Russia, Turkey, China, Europe, Egypt. The horoscopes from temples contain chronplogy about eclipses visible in Egypt allowing their exact pinpointing on the time axis. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The two parameters he sought to determine were highly correlated; and he fomennko adopted a somewhat arbitrary weighting scheme in analysing suspected observations of total solar eclipses. Fomenko claims that the most probable prototype of the historical Jesus was Andronikos I Komnenos allegedly AD tothe emperor of Byzantium, known for his failed reforms, his traits and deeds reflected in ‘biographies’ of many real fomehko imaginary persons.


When later questioned on these results, Hardouin stated that he would reveal the monks’ reasons in a letter to be revealed only after his death. Author of scientific publications, 26 monographs and textbooks on mathematics, a specialist in geometry and topology, variational calculus, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian geometry and mechanics, computer geometry.

Nosovsky ” New chronology of Russia Russia. Chronology 1 [Second edition]. These books explained many things to me, and put many things in their proper place. Ho sentim, el bloc no pot compartir entrades per correu. Newton’s analysis has since been criticized as suffering “from two fundamental defects.

Book 17 Aug 20, For his dating of the Almagest star catalog, Fomenko arbitrarily selected eight stars from the more than stars in the catalog, one of which Arcturus has a large systematic error. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Constantinople againRome in Italy, and Moscow. Fringe geologist Robert Schoch has made several claims about mysterious vanished but very ancient civilizations, citing, among chfonology things, the supposed water erosion of the Great Sphinx of Giza[4] the Yonaguni Monument[5] as well as equally dubious “evidence” from Easter Island that he claims push back the indigenous settlement there by at least 10, years.

Based on the applied by us mathematical methods it was proved, that the Scaligerian chronology, and therefore also the Scaligerian history of the “antiquity” and the Middle Ages, is totally wrong. Apart from his creation of the New Jew, Fomenko is a notable mathematician who has earned his doctorate, taught at Moscow State Lomonosov University, become a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, won a State Prize of the Russian Federation for mathematics, and published some works.

Usually such alterations are quite noticeably large and dramatic compared to the often subtle changes made by some alternate historians who question or completely deny aspects of conventional history or established dates and ancient history but don’t do anything so spectacular as claiming Nazi Germany won the Second World War. In he published a version of Pliny the Elder ‘s Natural History in which he claimed that most Greek and Roman texts had been forged by Benedictine monks.

So, Fomenko theorizes that the Babylonian captivity described in the Bible in which in the Jews of the Kingdom of Judah were invaded by Babylon and held captive there for 70 years in the sixth century B. However, independent dendrochronological sequences beginning with living trees from various parts of North America [52] [53] and Europe [54] [55] extend back 12, years into the past. One way or another, the understanding of the astronomical descriptions that the Apocalypse contains got lost at some point.

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As in the case of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Aliensour interest is solely in first-hand statements, i. A Nationalist Equation for Success? The method used for the recognition and dating of royal dynasties”. Learn more about Amazon Prime. They also note that his method of statistically correlating of texts is very rough, because it does not take into account the many possible sources of variation in length outside of “importance”.

Full text of “Anatoly Fomenko Books”

His basic assumption is that a text which describes a sequence of events will devote more space to more important events for example, a period of war or an unrest will have much more space devoted to than a period of peacefulnon-eventful yearsand that this irregularity will remain visible in other descriptions of the period. Velikovsky’s so-called Revised Chronology was an attempt to reconcile the history of the ancient Near East, particularly that of Egyptwith the historical accounts found in the Bible.

The central concepts of the New Chronology are derived from the ideas of Russian scholar Nikolai Morozov —[1] although work by French scholar Jean Hardouin — can be viewed as an earlier predecessor. Retrieved 15 June Billington, a prestigious American academic, specializing in Russian culture, and the 13th Librarian of the US Congress, wrote: For some years it was available at www.

His chronology is commonly rejected among professional historians, including most fellow Russian academics, as being non-historical in nature. Fomenko has published and sold over one million copies of his books in his native Russia. Fomenko’s studies ignore the abundance of dated astronomical records in cuneiform texts from Mesopotamia.

Interesting results were received and published both in scientific periodical print and in separate monographs.