The lands of the Unapproachable East trade with the Old Empires because of their proximity, and Thesk is the avenue through which exotic goods from the far. The Unapproachable East Forgotten Realms supplement takes you to Aglarond, Rashemen, Thay, Thesk, and the Great Dale! Take a peek at. Unapproachable East (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Setting) [Richard Baker, Matt Forbeck, Sean K. Reynolds] on.

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Instead, they seem to be rushing to and from them more often, called to secret councils and engaged in building new and ever larger fortifications. Foorgotten see all sorts of raw valuables come from their northern neighbors and exotic goods arrive in their ports.

One of the first human settlements here, Furthinghome is a poor forgotte, with many on the outskirts living in lean-tos and thatch huts. This is the only major port in Aglarond. The small beaches on Aglarond’s rocky coast are dotted with fishing villages, and since the Simbul has declared that all pirates are to be considered agents of Thay and put to death if forgoottenthe waters around Aglarond are very safe to travel. The Thayans seem to be holding their end of the bargain, so the Simbul has turned her power to improving the lives of her people, as well as expanding the fortifications and wards against her longtime enemies.

This forest is a near twin to the Forest of Lethyr to the south. Autharchs are generally chosen from the most competent soldiers, well-off families with a tradition of civil service, or more rarely merchants or free Thayans who simply demonstrate unusual competence.

Although the Tuigan horde never reached Impiltur, the chaos of refugees fleeing it plunged the realm into poverty, starvation, and brigandry, and order was maintained only within the walled seaport cities.

Unapproachable East (supplement) – Wikipedia

The city of Tyraturos metropolis, 68, is large and sprawling, with a huge slave marketplace where almost any creature can be had for a price, including exotic ones such as lamia, centaurs, and drow. This city is Rashemen’s northern trading gateway to the outside world.

Few give the country any more thought than this, but Aglarond is a place of ancient magic that holds one of the largest half-elf settlements in the world. Age, experience, and accomplishment determine rank within the Witches the age of most Vremyonni placing them high among the Wychiaran, the Witches’ name for themselves and then in the same order within all native Rashemi who cannot work magic, with outlanders ranked at the bottom.


The Unapproachable East (1372)

The majority of slaves are human, but orcs, goblins, gnolls, half-ores, and halflings also appear unapproacgable sale. Those who show signs of potential are removed from their parents and subjected to ever more rigorous schooling in the arcane arts, culminating in apprenticeships to the Red Wizards, who are notoriously careless of and abusive toward their apprentices.

This tharch controls trade routes to Mulhorand. Impiltur has grown wealthy from trade passing through it, for it is the gateway between the Cold Lands and the nations on the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Rashemi warriors are fur-clad or leather-armored pony riders. Rashemi are a short, muscular, hardy race, given to cross-country racing in fierce winter weather, exploring the old northern ruins of fallen Raumathar, and hunting snowcats while unarmored and lightly armed. Nearly razed to the ground by the Tuigan, this city was held for a while by a large group of bandits who extorted heavy tolls from caravans passing through their land.

The Unapproachable East

The Shadowmasters maintain safe houses in every city in Thesk. Thesk suffered greatly from the attacks of the Tuigan rdalms, because the nomads used the well-trod road to attack several cities in quick succession. Ruins of Fortress Clymph: Thaymount is home to the ancient Citadel see Plots and Rumors, below where it’s whispered that runaway spells still rage forbotten. Earth quakes and ash eruptions indicate that local volcanism is increasing, but the Red Wizards haven’t abandoned their fortresses on the mountain flanks.

Impilturans and other humanoids avoid the forest entirely. Visitors must be careful to avoid being captured and sold into slavery only a few blocks from their inn. Through the vast, regional bureaucracy administered by their hand picked tharchions, they govern Thay’s laws, commerce, and society. Its army defends its borders against Thay; and its skilled rangers scout its frontier in search of trouble. Given the success of the mercantile efforts and the traditional failures of overt conquest, a new faction has arisen within the Red Wizards, supporting mercantile rather than military expansion.


The hobgoblins may have one or more lairs in the nearby Earthfast Mountains as well as in their forest homes. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: The capital and other signs of civilization were destroyed in the independence war.

Facing extinction but reluctant to abandon their homes, the elves transformed themselves into majestic trees with gray bark. Iron, magic items, monsters, slaves, spells Exports: The Theskians’ familiarity with quality and obscure goods makes them skilled at appraising items. The competition has improved both families; they are accomplished warriors, hunters, and artisans.

They wield weapons of gold that are as hard unapprroachable steel and cast strange magic that gives off no light The adventurers told the story in Pyarados before they left to fight these creatures, who many in Thay believe to be a degenerate off shoot of Mulhorandi trapped centuries ago. Those who have reason to be wary of the Red Wizards greatly regret this divination “shield” and seek other ways to learn the Thayans’ schemes. The queen herself finds governing boring and prefers to let the council direct matters.

In the years since then, Thay has tried many times to annex portions of Aglarond and Rashemen, sometimes with the assistance of drow, demons, assassination, or even artificially created natural disasters. This ‘circle’ of stones carved with nature-runes is a holy site for the druids of Lethyr. Inquisitive unapproavhable of other lands who dare to scry onto the plateau discover that overlapping wards in many places now approaching the strength of the fabled mythals of old – overlie the land, effectively preventing spying from afar.

Its large fishing fleet nets sturgeon in the nearby lake that bears the town’s name. The Thayans are widely disliked and distrusted, but their growing stranglehold unapproaxhable the trade in magic devices makes them virtually indispensable to many of their clients.