ILFORD FP4 PLUS, like HP5 PLUS, it’s based on older emulsion technology and has “cubic grain”, as opposed. To “T-grain” found in Delta and. Ilford FP4 Plus is said to be unrivaled for high quality black and white photography as it is a true black and white film. But what exactly is a “true. FP is a cubic-grain black-and-white film from Ilford Photo with a long history. It originated as Fine grain Panchromatic roll film in Like HP film, it has gone through a number of versions since then, with the latest being FP4 plus (FP4+ for short).

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I also find that less than 21c for a normal, non-stand, low dilution wash is too low.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. More so than most black and white films, your input in development will define the results, so play around and see what works for you. A film is a paintbox waiting to be unleashed.

It seems like ilfird will last forever!

Photographer Ben Larsen ordered a bunch of photography-related items on eBay, one of these is an old black and white 35mm film which he developed home and the results were ilforx — photographs taken in South Korea about half a fl4 later. Please login to like.

Wonderful grain, excellent tonal gradation, excellent sharpness on the one hand; fat grain, blocked out shadows and supreme contrast on the other. My favorite uses are portraits, nature and travel. Will I use it again?

If you want something high in contrast that looks like typical black and white, go for the TMAX. But for landscape photographers, I think Ilford FP4 Plus is the perfect black and white film for you to approach any project you tackle. The results are good however in sunny locations the shadow detail was lost so next time I will rate the film to 64, 80 or EI and decrease the developing times accordingly. So, basically, it captures the image in dark and light.


Ilford FP – Wikipedia

That is a pretty strong choice of words and it simply does not ring true. It’s great for outdoors and klford lite, and if used with fast glass it’s an all-around type of film. Rated 5 out of 5 by Francisco S. This along with something like the Mamiya 67 Pro S are pretty heavy and hefty; handholding can be difficult. Thanks for your review.

Going to try Pyrocat-hd and see what happens. Reciprocity works both ways! Ilford FP4 Plus is one of the more unique films on the market. It is a very fine-grained film with great sharpness and detail.

Film review: ILFORD FP4 PLUS – 35mm, 120 format and sheet film

I bought Rodinal for the first time but I keep using HC It gives a huge number of greytones, leading to creamy smooth curves. All in all, when rated at ISO offers a great tonal range. In addition to general photographic applications, FP4 Plus is also an ideal choice for copy and internegative work, as well as scientific, technical, and industrial photography.

It particularly excels at highly detailed subjects in good indoor and outdoor olford conditions and is therefore an ideal film for portraits, fashion, street, product photography, landscapes and architecture.

I am very interested in trying this combination for some low light photography like this: The tones are wonderful and the film is always consistent with high exposure latitude and good contrast. All format 35mm format 65mm format Large format Medium format. I developed the film in D76 1: Ilford FP4 Plus accessories. International orders are processed the next shipping day.


The thing I like the best about it is that it doesn’t take a long time to develop, and it dries wonderfully flat which makes it easy to scan. Ilford FP4 Plus specs. TMax is sharper in my opinion.

Ilford FP4 Plus 125 35mm

The developed film became extremely flat with no curls and now it is very easy to scan or enlarge. All that and you should be good to go!

Have some D96 for special applications and gladly moved away from D76 some time ago.

Are you curious about what photographers and artists have to say with Lomography’s new panchromatic film? Ilfird mostly use Rodinal 1: Hey Carla, thanks for stopping by. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. So because of this it tends to be very low contrast though versatile. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Here is a snapshot of what they experienced and a selection of their best images. Ilford FP4 Plus specs. Home Articles Film review: Keep your chemicals down at around 23 degrees C, minimise your agitations and make sure you give it a good soak before you get started.

Ilford FP4 Plus reviews.

One roll gave me 15 frames.