A distal radius fracture, also known as wrist fracture, is a break of the part of the radius bone .. For torus fractures, a splint may be sufficient and casting may be avoided. The position of the wrist in cast is usually slight flexion and ulnar deviation. Torus fractures, or buckle fractures, are extremely common injuries in children. The word torus is derived from the Latin word ‘Tori’ meaning. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘fractura torus’.

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fractura torus

Distal radius fractures typically occur with the wrist bent back from 60 to 90 degrees. The radial shortening results in the ulna abutting the lunate.

Archived from the original on 2 July This can torsu due to the tendon coming in contact with protruding bone or with hardware placed following surgical procedures. This type of fracture usually occurs near the metaphysis, where the porosity of the bone is greatest, and is most common in children 2. These options include percutaneous pinning, external fixation, and ORIF using plating. In addition frxctura the dorsal angulation seen on the lateral view, notice the following:.

The name is by analogy with green i. Disability is the lack of ability to perform physical daily activities.

However, an above-elbow cast may cause long-term rotational contracture. Mesozoic Vertebrate Life, edited by Tanke, D.

However, he also suggested that volar displacement of the wrist was due to the ulnar fracture. Fdactura authors suggest that distal radial fractures be reduced anatomically, but the real question is ‘what is acceptable and what is rn It is the result of a transverse load through the lunate.


Case 10 Case Retrieved 20 November The wrist may be radially deviated due to shortening of the radius bone. Displacement Fractures are either displaced or nondisplaced. Case Torus fracture: The cast is usually maintained for about 6 weeks. These are partial fractures, since only one part of the bone is broken and the other side is bent.

This positioning will make the lateral view exactly perpendicular to the PA view. Swelling, deformity, tenderness, and loss of wrist motion are normal features on examination of a person with a distal radius fracture. More force is required to produce a fracture in males than females.

Lisfranc Jones March Calcaneal. In most cases a fracture of the radial styloid process is part of a comminutive intraarticular fracture. There is also scapholunate dissociation as a result of associated ligamentous rupture with volar tilt of lunate indicating volar flexion instability VISI.

Measurements Radial length or height Radial length is measured on the PA radiograph as the distance between one line perpendicular to the long axis of the radius passing through the distal tip of the radial styloid. The characteristics of distal radius fractures are influenced by the position of the hand at the time of impact, the type of surface at point of contact, the speed of the impact, and the strength of the bone. They are usually seen in children, frequently involving the distal radial metaphysis.

When these epomyms are used, an accurate description of the fracture characteristics should always be included in the report 5. On the left an intraarticular fracture of the distal radius with shortening of the radius.

Fraftura are three major groups: Torus fractures of radius and ulna. The initial treatment for most radius fractures is closed reduction and plaster immobilization.


Term Bank – fractura torus – Spanish English Dictionary

On the left a dorsal-type Barton’s fracture. The normal volar tilt averages 11 degrees and has a range of degrees. Case 5 Case 5. On the left a control radiograph made after reduction. Greenstick fractures can take a long time to heal because they tend to occur in the middle, more slowly growing parts of bone. In clinical practice however frequently eponyms like Colles’ and Barton’s are used.

Search Cases Advanced Search. A splint or cast is placed in such a way that the risk of re-displacement is minimized. Analysis of bone fracture patterns, which include a large number of greenstick fractures in the forearms, lower limbs, pelvis, thorax and skull, suggest that Lucy died from a vertical fall and impact with the ground.

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Distal radius fracture

The radiographic findings can be very subtle. These include bowing, torus, greenstick and stress factures. Figure 1 Torus fractures of radius and ulna. Ombredanne, a Parisian surgeon infirst reported the use of nonbridging external fixation in the management of distal radius fractures.

At the other an unstable, displaced intra-articular fracture is difficult to treat and has a poor prognosis. Lisfranc Jones March Calcaneal. Cortical buckle fractures occur when there is axial loading of a long bone. Radiographic finding is a definite cortical bulge usually occurring at the metaphysis, two to four centimeters from the distal growth plate figure 1.