You can view the PDF files conveniently online with your browser – just click the link. Alternatively, you can save the information so that you can refer to it offline. Find out all of the information about the FRAKO product: power factor control relay / panel-mount / programmable / digital RM Contact a supplier or the. (see Table 1, pages 15 to 17) The Reactive Power Control Relay RM is Relay RM Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO.

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Power Factor Fgako Panel. Automatic Power Factor Panel in Chennai. If a stage was identified as a zero stage without power the corresponding numbers would indicate this by flashing. Control relay does not switch off all stages during times of low load Control relay is in manual or facility shut-down. The installation and connection of the RM is only finished, once it has been installed and wired according to these instructions.

Power factor control relay / panel-mount / programmable / digital – RM – FRAKO

The set discharge period is maintained. To keep the function “Zero Voltage Alarm” operational the supply voltage of the control relay should be connected in the same phase as the contactor voltage. Target power factor setting adjustable from 0.

If this cannot be achieved the voltage must be earthed, even if it is only small protective voltage. One scale division corresponds to 0. Then the display will change to the last displayed value.


However, we recommend that if capacitor stages are added at a later date, the set-up procedure be repeated see section 2. The identification process is carried on despite the alarm. Values between 1 and can be entered eg. In order not to overload the control contacts the sum of the holding currents of all contactor coils connected may not exceed a value of 5 Amps. Unstable power supply power factor fluctuation.

RM Power Factor Controller

Excellent after sales service and track record of consistent performance levels put BARON as a Leader in their line of activities. Furthermore a sealing ring is supplied, which must be used when frakl the control relay in switchgear cabinets and cubicles of protection class IP By pressing the “-” button once “6. For a current loss of longer than 3 secs capacitor stages connected are switched off. It has to be passed by both capacitor and consumer current.

If more stages are required the switching time delay is shortened depending on the number of stages required. For a target power factor other than 1. Summary of Instructions On delivery, the control relay is set to preprogrammed standard values. Check if capacitors are energized after switching. The target power factor setting is ignored.

When “ON” the R operates with the stage currents automatically calculated. If, for example, there are five stages in a capacitor bank, these stages are connected to the control outputs “1” to “5” and the number of the control outputs is programmed to “5” in order to prevent the control relay from activating control outputs which have not been connected.


By pressing the “Set” button several times the display shows the order and the maximum values of the exceeded harmonics starting with the maximum deviation. We follow extreme quality testing process when we buy our parts from our suppliers as well.

Installation and Connection The control relay should preferably be connected to the three-phase system as shown in page Set higher delay time. The connection of the supply voltage must be fused externally with max 4A.

The power factor cos phi display value is the result of a mathematical calculation, which ensures accuracy over the entire range down to values close to 0.

View Contact Call Seller Now. Fault in control circuit contactors do not switch Fuses of the capacitor stages are defective or missing. The outputs S1 and S2 of the current transformer are connected to the terminals S1 and S2 of the control relay. Frajo the control circuit according to the circuit diagram and check fuses.