The book’s author is Francois Cusset, who sets himself the tasks of To this hope, French theory (and much thought that precedes it) says. françois Cusset’s work on french theory, foucault, Derrida, Deleuze and Co. and the transformations of intellectual life in the. United States, has not yet been. Last week, while rushing to finish up a review of Francois Cusset’s French Theory : How Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, & Co. Transformed the.

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You must verify your email address before signing in. Robert Stainton Western University. Popular Right Now Faculty members at Wisconsin Stevens Point react to plan to cut 13 majors How to write an effective diversity statement essay Annual Francous of Words and Phrases to Banish Reports circulate of an even more difficult year to be admitted to leading California publics Fernch longer lives require relevant, accessible curricula throughout long careers opinion Dream Center colleges closing at year’s end How to write an effective diversity statement as a job candidate opinion Hopkins librarian forced to leave country quickly over H-1B visa woes Study finds female college graduates newly on the job market are punished for having good grades.

But what makes the book an exciting and informative read is the details gleaned as we move from the world of advanced academics to the world of cyberpunk comics, temporary autonomous zones an early incarnation of frennch internetand post-modern architecture. Most important, it impels us to inquire why for a time French thought managed to flourish in American universities while French intellectuals rapidly abandoned the theoy paradigm.

“Review of Francois Cusset, “French Theory: How Foucault, Derrida, Dele” by Ethan Kleinberg

But the time and effort spent unearthing or bemoaning the passing connections between Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Bono, Madonna, or Drench Matrix films with thinkers like Deleuze, Derrida, Guattari, Virilio, and Fgench comes at the expense of a sustained engagement with the ways that American theorists such as Paul de Man, J. French Theory is a significant contribution to the scholarship in both literary theory and cultural studies. To be sure the wide range and loose chronology of the book makes it difficult to discern a clear American trajectory.

But that is only one aspect of the story, and by no means the most interesting or rewarding. Advertise About Contact Subscribe. To chsset Deleuzian or Foucauldian, or what have you, is not necessarily a step along the way to the tenure track.


His book is a wonderful addition to American and French intellectual history that will force us to reconsider the history, place, and role of French Theory on both sides of the Atlantic. But I wonder whether such an argument, such a logic, is appropriate theoru the French theorists Cusset both investigates and lauds. Vivienne Orchard – unknown.

Easier said than done, but French Theory manages the trick, sometimes brilliantly. Read more by Scott McLemee. The book itself is a polemic against the “jargon” and “charlatanism” of “postmodern thought” and is the outgrowth of what has come to be known as the “Sokal hoax” when inthe cultural studies journal Social Text published what turned out to be a phony article by Sokal “titled ‘Transgressing the Boundaries: A successful argument would require a more thorough, multi-disciplinary, textually oriented investigation of the American case as well as an analysis of French cultural history that emphasizes the same types of cultural artifacts that Cusset investigates in the American field.

Nor were they so central to cultural and political debate there, at least after the mids, as they were to become for academics in the United States. Cusset has achieved much. We didn’t recognize that password reset code. In other words, French Theory did not exist in France and its popularity in America was the result of a new market that desired its product.

François Cusset

But this is a tall order and Cusset has achieved much. It is precisely because French Theory did not have purchase in France that it was not misused and thus the French can now employ these texts correctly. Account Activated Your account has been reactivated. It tells the story of the academics who were instrumental in cultivating French Theory in American higher education and it also attempts to discern and explicate the points of contact with American counter-cultural forces. The Sokal Effect Part I.

During the last three decades of the twentieth century, cusst disparate group of radical French thinkers achieved an improbable level of influence and fame in the United States. The repeated attacks on these frennch theorists in France would suggest otherwise This is one place where it is apparent that the book was written for a French audience.

French Theory is the first comprehensive account of the American fortunes of these unlikely philosophical celebrities. Request removal from index. But on the other hand, this lack of mastery clearly troubles Cusset when discussing the American intellectuals who never gained sufficient “mastery” to discern the ways that “the very logic of French theoretical texts prohibits certain uses of them, uses that were often necessary, however, to their American readers in order to put their text to work.

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Now the misguided American invention of French Theory can be replaced by a guided variant predicated on the proper French? Please confirm the information below before signing in.

The Singular Objects of Architecture A revelatory conversation between two major figures in visual culture. Even so, the book is in some sense more Millsian in spirit than the author himself may realize.

Please check your email and click on the link to verify your email address. Already have an account? Faculty members at Wisconsin Stevens Point react to plan to cut 13 majors.

Vinicius Oliveira Sanfelice – – Revista Inquietude 4 1: This email address was registered with a social account. It deserves a hearing — even, and perhaps especially, from people who have already made up their minds about “deconstructionism,” whatever that may be. Annual List of Words and Phrases to Banish. Reveling in the gossipy history, Cusset also provides a lively exploration of the many provocative critical practices inspired by French theory.

I also question whether the American reception was as misguided as Cusset portrays and whether the French erasure was as complete. How to write an effective diversity statement as a job candidate opinion.

Hopkins librarian forced to leave country quickly over H-1B visa woes. But, according to Cusset, this was because in America French Theory “signifies nothing other than becoming able, through rhetorical turns and lexical ruses, to make Foucault or Derrida not so much into references as into common nouns”.

This analysis requires that one accept Bill Reading’s argument in The University in Ruins that liberal arts education — and the university in general — has undergone a profound change in its mission and identity as it has been transformed from a site throry to foster a unified national culture into a corporate-style service industry selling a vacuous and indefinable notion of “excellence.

The Politics of Identity 7. Search Site only in current section. We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password, which can be used in addition to your linked social providers. Two Directions in Recent French Thought. Cusset analyzes cultural theory within its cultural matrix without disappearing into an abyss along the way.

From Surrealism to Postmodernism.

But those disputes are part of his story, not the point of it.