From author Frank Herbert, creator of the Dune series, comes this classic science fiction of THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT Beyond the God Wall Generations of a. Editorial Reviews. Review. For Dune. “A portrayal of an alien society more complete and The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) by [Herbert, Frank]. Bedog by Frank Herbert: A sentient creature designed to be a bed. (Text quote, book citation included.).

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To be Dosadi-trained is not to be the equal of the Dosadi-born, and to be immortal is not to be thf equal of those. Dosadi as a planet is like Dune on steroids, a punishingly deadly environment where simple survival has attuned its inhabitants expermient superh Saboteur Extraordinary McKie is back, in a much better sequel that focuses on a frannk interesting part of the ConSentiency universe.

Clinging to the linear paths of logic and language, they are overwhelmed. It took a while to get into it; there were enough gems interspersed to keep me hoping it might get better.

Should the experiment be stopped and to hide its evidence from the view of other species, the planet quietly destroyedor can it be stopped now, is it too late?

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of such abilities, if they could do so without having to personally survive the horrors of Dosadi? The Caleban contract that isolates the planet allows Dosadi bodies to pass through its jumpdoor only if they bear offworld minds. herbertt

The Dosadi Experiment – Wikipedia

experimeng He himself is not the solution to the problem, but as the living visibility of all the contradictions in the old pattern, he points the way to a new one in which humans will have given up the single vision of the good and its inevitable dark companion.

And all the elements are here: Those who make demands on Ship are ignored, and lapse into alternate entreaty and rebellion, but Ship talks to those, like the Poet, who are ready to listen.

Herbert tells this tale in ” The Experimment Star. Herbert is the master of what I call whafuck?! Kinda like watching a dramatised wildlife documentary about the Serengetti. But most strange and affronting to sensibility is Jesus Lewis, a fiendish genetic experimenter and torturer, the evil twin of that benificent, suffering Jesus whom Ship had sent the woman Hali Ekel back to see.


It has sent one woman back to view the crucifixion. Keila suborns McKie almost instantaneously, outplans her opponents with a mental facility which would put an Mentat to shame, and engineers an escape with McKie, who she merges egos with.

The Dosadi Experiment

Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. Despite every effort of a nearly omniscient being, they persist in misunderstanding both its nature franm their own. To see what your friends thought of this book, please frannk up. Very well written, similar in style to the Jesus Incident trilogy in how things are presented: When Fannie Mae, the Caleban of Whipping Startries to communicate her perspective to Jorj McKie, the overwhelming difficulty is not her scope, but her way of seeing things, her sense, once again, of their meaningful pattern.

Dune, rightly regarded as a classic, began as an exploration of the effect of trade I am perhaps eexperiment lenient on this book, else this review will serve as a confession that I am too stupid to grok the Dosadi mindset. Timeless in so many of it’s implications.

The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert

Law must herbrrt useful ways to break with traditional forms because nothing is more certain than that the forms of Law remain when all justice is gone. This was a solid space opera tale told by one of the past masters of this genre and was a really enjoyable story.

BuSab is one of Herbert’s most delightful fictions, an agency born of necessity after public pressure had caused the total elimination of government red tape. They are disappearing expdriment an “egofrozen” Pan Spechi has established an unbreakable contract with a Caleban, and is torturing it.

Get the herbegt of the item, a quote, the book’s name and the author’s name, and Add it here. The author obviously knew the direction in which he wanted to go; the reader was just along for ‘the ride’ [at a glacial pace; I think I saw a snail moving faster than the book early on at one point].

As a result, some of the set pieces and conversations require the reader’s full attention. Different sensory systems might perceive the same object entirely differently.


He has to live up to potentials he never dreamed he had. McKie is sent to Dosadi to investigate whether it was an illegal experiment.

But I think that the weakness of characterization that is a standard scifi caveat hinders this novel, one of Herbert’s most ambitious I say skiffy instead of scifi usually, cause Tue don’t give a fuck. On Dosadi, there is no such thing as friendship, family, love, or childhood.

An important part of this book is courtroom drama: There isn’t the universe depth of the Dune series; that’ Definitely better than Whipping Star, and set in the same ConSentiency universe that Herbert created. Retrieved from ” https: Notify me of new comments via email. Like Paul’s Fremen, dossdi will be softened in the process, but not before profoundly changing the ConSentiency.

Okay, I urgently need to reread the entire Dune saga. The philosophical foundation of this novel boils down to simple social Darwinism. Copyright Leigh Kimmel. The ideas carry more weight than the story, which seems somewhat contrived.

Anonymous February 18, at He is described as a squat and ugly man of Pacific Islander ancestry, with green eyes and a shock of red hair. There’s far too much convenient mind-melding to make it even relatable. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I almost wish that this universe he created, it could be expanded to a series. Laws had been conceived and passed in the same boor. This, it develops, causes the development of superior races of people both human and gowachin who might unleash a war against the universe if set free.

The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf. The system of Gowachin law is fascinating, but the plot hinges too much on this unfamiliar system; for all its logic, we never feel the visceral twists and turns of the courtroom drama, mostly because each virtuoso legal manuever must be painstakingly explained to us as it happens.

I thought this was the strongest part of Frank Herbert’s books, the sense that he has a fully conceptualized story and each chapter is an integral building block.