Most services on the Frankston line begin or end at. Flinders Street Station (you’ll notice in the timetable these times are bolded). Services run. Frankston Line. Frankston Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Moorabbin, Frankston and Stony Point 2 to 13 January. There are no scheduled. To view timetable information and train replacement bus stop locations, click here . Due to level crossing removal works on the Frankston line, buses will.

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The question will be whether these changes bring reduced delays that mean a more predictable, reliable, less crowded trip into work, even if it takes a few minutes extra than the timetabled theoretical travel time under the old regime.

Timetable search form Your origin. Tony, my friend, you should get out more. Most other lines still only get trains every frankton minutes. Perhaps, but reflects a shift: All current City Loop services will continue to stop all at stations within the City Loop.

Some counter-peak services operate express between Malvern and South Yarra. What difference would a PTDA make?

A prime candidate would be Glenhuntly Station, where both trains and trams have to cross very slowly, causing delays. Where there used to be just two trains per hour after 7pm departures from Lie Street: I found this from May — it was an email from me to a local politician who had asked about public transport issues in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. Metro and the government will be hoping this change results in that payoff. More information about affected route bus services will be provided in the coming weeks.

So the theory is the loads are more even they claim to have researched this and believe it to be trueso the loading at busy city stations is quicker, and the trains are more punctual. These changes are necessary due to the need to close the third train track between Moorabbin and Caulfield stations so we can safely carry out construction and keep trains running on the Frankston line at the same time. From 8 May most weekday services will operate direct fran,ston Flinders Street.


Frankston | Metro Trains

Sunday 10 July — Wednesday 13 July, after 7. Inthere were 16 trains into Richmond from the Frankston line between 7: Between the peaks during the day things have improved on some lines. So, what is the logic in having a direct train that leaves after a loop train but gets to your destination faster? Disability Permit car spaces will be relocated within the Station Street car park during these works.

Direction of travel through the City Loop depends on the day of week and time of day. There was a shake-up of the peak-hour timetable in And it would have proper public involvement and transparency, unlike the secret decisions that currently get made behind closed doors.

Alternative all-day parking is provided in the Seaford North Reserve car park, located metres from Seaford Station. Got mighty confused when a 4: The fast-growing western suburbs need particular attention. All praise to you for taking the time to do such a careful and thorough analysis. I went to Flinders St planning to get the 5: Going To City From City. It occurred to me that someone has probably uploaded the Railway Timetable Sketch linr YouTube, so I went looking, and sure enough:.

If you find an error, or you know of a train, bus or ferry service not mentioned on this web site, help us keep up to date by emailing us, or messaging us on Twitter, or Facebook.

All other entrances at Parliament Station will be open as usual. I discovered Python around the time of the release of Life of Brian, and it was a female school friend who told me about it.

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Appreciated your debunking of the Frankston line… but wanted to add… At southern cross the Frankston trains leave from 13, but others on same line leave from 12….

I subtracted a minute when calculating the difference between the scheduled time frankshon the Myki touch-off time, because trains should not necessarily be expected to arrive right on the minute and zero secondsand because it takes a little while fimetable alight from the train and get to the station exit. Email updates Sign up for Email updates.


This focuses mostly on the Frankston line, but much is applicable to others. You get on an express: More than solar panels are being installed this month across Gardiner, Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh train stations.

Due to level crossing removal works on the Frankston line, buses will replace trains between Caulfield and Moorabbin from 8. And there are stopping Loop trains. But the peak-shoulder period is a mess. Many bus routes need upgrading, to provide better feeder services into stations thus relieving overcrowded station carparks as well as being more time-competitive for other trips.

While overcrowding has eased since the June timetable change, punctuality is the worst in the city. Actually, try this version… you get to see Neville Shunt and the review of the play.

Last night I came back from interstate trip, took the skybus to Southern Cross left Tulla about 11pm and found signs announcing no trains in the Caulfield direction from Southern Cross.

Frankston line – Daniel Bowen dot com

Enquiries on timetables, fares and bookings should be directed to the operator, and exact details of services should always be confirmed with the operator before you travel. On weekends everything stops all stations and runs via the Loop fair enough given lower frequencies are unlikely to cause Loop congestion, and cause long waiting times franoston changing trains — arguably this should also be the case on weekday evenings after gimetable. Four weekday services will be cancelled to enable the Frankston line express services to stop all stations see table below.

But [wicked sense of humour on] do you realise how perilously close this thread is becoming to the classic Monty Python railway timetable sketch?