EL. COM Its Time only for SUNSHINE & RAINS without any Pains. SEMINAR REPORT ON FUEL ENERGIZER Index. S. No.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. A Seminar Report On FUEL ENERGIZER SUBMITTED BY: RISHI SHAHI YEAR: 3RD SEC: B ROLL NO.: TO: Mr. SANDEEP CHHABRA. Explore Fuel Energizer with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on.

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Hence, the exhaust fumes contain considerable amounts of unburned CO, HC, and soot. Also, in the first intensive phase of decarburization there may be a disturbance in the engine’s work and unstable fuel consumption caused by the temporary clogging of jet nozzles by the liquidated deposits.

Oxides of nitrogen are also toxic. The Magnetizer is instantaneous.

Unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen react in the atmosphere and create smog. Molecules get realigned, and actively into locked with oxygen during combustion to produce a near complete burning of fuel in combustion chamber. Thus, the spin orientation has a pronounced effect on physical properties specific heat, vapor pressure as well as behavior of the gas molecule.

Magnetizer fuel energizer eg: However these molecules have not been realigned, the fuel is not actively inter locked with oxygen during combustion, the fuel molecule or hydrocarbon chains must be ionized and realigned. As a result, the amount of toxic substances released to the atmosphere can subsequently increase.

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At that time it is not recommended to do the engine adjustment. Air pumps rob power from the engine, reduce fuel economy, and are costly to enertizer. Cold converter does not work, so the exhaust fumes right after start-up are equally toxic as without it. Repodt fuel economy and reduction in hydrocarbons. Working Principle Of Fuel Energizer: Magnetic movements already exist in their molecules and they therefore already have positive and negative electrical charges.


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Furthermore, they bind into larger groups of pseudo-compounds. Types of fuel energizer- i Magnetizer fuel energizer ii Nano fuel energizer. The power and torque in the whole range of rotational velocity of crankshaft enedgizer go up.

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Also it works on any vehicle or device cooking gas stove using liquid or gas fuel. On home cooking gas system it is installed just before burner. The ionization fuel also helps to dissolve the carbon build up in carburetor, jets, fuel injector and combustion chamber their by keeping the engine clean condition. Since catalytic converters reduce power and eventually go bad, they are subject to being removed; they are often not replaced because of the high cost and reduced engine performance.

In Octane C8H18 the carbon content of the molecule is Smooth running, long term maintenance free engine. Oxides of nitrogen are also toxic.

Since catalytic converters reduce power and eventually go bad, they are subject to being removed; they are often not replaced because of the high cost and reduced engine performance. Stoichiometrically, there is very little oxygen left to produce any additional toxic compounds with nitrogen.

Most fuels for internal combustion engine are liquid, fuels do not combust until they are vaporized and mixed with air. Smooth running, long term maintenance free engine. The traces of oil that escape to exhaust not only can destroy the action of a converter the car becoming instantly a polluterbut energjzer is even worse, they are the cause rrport small amount of highly toxic chemical compounds such as prussic acid, sulphurated hydrogen; and platinum compounds released to the atmosphere.

Today’s hydrocarbon fuels leave a natural deposit of carbon residue that clogs carburetor, fuel injector, leading to reduced efficiency and wasted fuel.

The Magnetizer is instantaneous. The increased combustion efficiency is occurring within the engine due to increased fuel reactivity with oxygen increased oxidationthe main factor responsible for increased combustion efficiency. Fuels are also fyel in the cells of organisms in a process known as metabolism. Smog is prime cause of eye and throat irritation, noxious smell, plat damage and decreased visibility. Fuel is any material that can be used to generate energy to produce mechanical work in a controlled manner.


The Magnetizer’s extremely strong magnetic field, with sufficient flux density to have the required affect on fluid passing through it, substantially changes the isomeric form of the hydrocarbon atom from its para-hydrogen state to the higher energized, more volatile, ortho state, thus attracting additional oxygen. The melting of a catalytic converter will cause the gas passages to clog, which in turn will overheat and burn the engine exhaust valves.

Smog is prime cause of eye and throat irritation, noxious smell, plat damage and decreased visibility. The liquid hydrogen fuel that is used to power the space shuttle or rockets is stored, for safety reasons, in the less energetic, less volatile, less reactive parahydrogen form.

Each molecule consists of a number of atoms made up of number of nucleus and electrons, which orbit their nucleus. Generally fuels for internal combustion engine is compound of molecules.

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My thanks and appreciations also goes to my colleagues in developing the presentation and people who have willingly helped me out with their abilities. Those interested further are referred to Dr. It appears that magnetic treatment is the simplest means of achieving this feat.