The Galactic Patrol’s Lensmen are the most feared peacekeepers in the Galaxy. The “Lens,” a telepathic jewel matched to the ego of its wearer, is the ultimate. Galactic Patrol Lensman (TV). Have you seen this? want to GALACTIC PATROL レンズマン (Japanese). Lensman – Power of the Lens. Genres: adventure. Galactic Patrol (Classic Lensman) [E.E. Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ripping edition paperback vg book In stock shipped.

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Kinnison successfully returns to Earth in a captured pirate ship and is promoted to the exalted rank of Unattached Lensman. It was not like an octopus. It is this compound that he uses to drug everyone in Helmuth’s base. The purple prose is so bad it leaks into the ultraviolet. Despite the rich tapestry of the future E. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This time I managed to slog my way through to the end of the book. I am almost 60 years old.

I think we all retain an affection for things we loved when we were young.

Galactic Patrol Lensman – Wikipedia

There is nonstop action in these books. Just like Bogart did, you pick it up and realize what you were standing Imagine you are Humphrey Bogart in the film, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Want to Read saving…. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. This is an SF classic. Add to My List. Retrieved from ” https: Nor, although it was scaly and toothy and wingy, was it, save in the vaguest possible way, similar to a lizard, a sea-serpent or a vulture.


TV Asahi Finish Animation: But Smith was the originator. The Lensman Book 3. This page was galacitc edited on 17 Septemberat Apr 14, Paul Magnussen rated it it was amazing. Amazon should be ashamed of asking for money for such shoddy workmanship.

You will have to suspend your disbelief and jump headlong into a real Golden Age Classic. This was followed by the next three stories: Science fiction and technology finally come together in the Kindle edition of Galactic Patrol. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Galactic Patrol Lensman –

His bosses make sure that the nurses are the most suitable women for him to marry including Clarissa MacDougall a red-headed gold-fleck-eyed descendant of Virgil Samms. One thing that was a driving force of the series was the development of technology, specifically weapons and other systems on ships The lensmen series is arguably the first real space opera series.

In the 6 volume set, this is the 3rd volume which introduces Kimball Kinnison, who will oppose the enemies of Civilization. The characters are symbols more than people, the action is non-stop, right to the last sentence of the book.

Galactic Patrol

If I don’t need to be told what happens in the patrok, then let me enjoy the story and learn about all of this for myself in the way the author intended, please! Ryouichi Tanaka as Dzoaran Pilot ep 6. On inspection, there’s not a chapter break that will let me skip the intr The audio book has an intro. My all-time favourite moment: I mean, Triplanetary was a mess, a decent mess, but a mess nevertheless. And then it began to tell me what happens in the story.

Its great fun for a light read. Although it was produced with the knowledge and consent of Smith’s estate, the executors were so displeased with the result that for several years they rejected any other suggestions of adaptation.


Doc Smith when I was 8 this is the right age to appreciate himand was so entranced that I brought Galactic Patrol with me to school so that I could read the exciting conclusion during morning break. Not that you should only read it for that, the series is a classic for a reason.

A fun read and an interesting look back at the sensibilities of the s. The audio book has an intro. Oct 04, Mark rated it liked it. Theron Martin has the details. While I could not fully describe it here I will list out what is more unique about it, and what sticks in my mind.

Another year of anime has come and gone, leaving so many memories in its wake. The story, the series, and the author all deserve better. Smith is a terrific storyteller who provides a wealth of descriptive detail without holding the story back in any way.

The Lensmen, graduates of the Galactic Patrol’s Academy, are hand picked to receive the symbol of the Patrol’s authority: To see what your friends thought lensmman this book, please sign up. Its great fun for a light You do have to read it as what it is, dated, classic Science Fiction, some of the first space operas.