Importance of Garbhadhana Samskara: If one is not purified by the process of the seed giving ceremony, or garbhadhana samskara he is. One of the most important aspects of the Daiva Varnasrama culture or Sanatana Dharma culture, is Garbhadhana-samskara. Garbhadhana-samskara is a great. What is Garbhadhana Samskara? According to Varnashrama (the civilized society) the civilized people in society would perform the purificatory ritual before .

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In Vedic culture the husband and wife only have sex for begetting children. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. Because the woman has once in a month menstrual period. Not that “Whenever and wherever I like and with whomever I like I shall have sex life.


Retrieved from ” https: Radhastami DarshanSri Dham Mayapur!!! The most secret of all secrets is revealed! For this samskzra the garbhadhana samskara is recommended in the Vedic scriptures.

By that process a human being is made perfect. Every human being should be given the opportunity to take advantage of his human form of life, and a father like Kasyapa is supposed to beget good children for the purpose of liberation.

They require complete abstinence without compromise. That is the description in Vedic literature.

Such sex aimed at creating godly children is as good as God Himself. When the parents engage their minds in the lotus feet of the Lord and in such a state the child is born, naturally good devotee children come; when the society is full of such good population, there is no trouble from demoniac mentalities.

The pious seminal succession in the twice born families of the brahmanas and ksatriyas especially, as well as in the families of vaisyas also, must be kept very pure by the observation of the purificatory process samksaras beginning with garbhadhana samskara, which is observed before conceiving a child.


Human life is the only opportunity to get out of the material scene, which is full of the miseries of birth, death, old age and diseases. Devahuti wanted the passion of her husband to be increased by the arrangement mentioned in the kama-sastra. If the population becomes hippies, then how there can be any peace and prosperity? Before engaging in sexual intercourse, both the husband and the wife must consider their mental condition, the particular time, the husband’s direction and obedience to the demigods.

Then he may approach his wife to beget children, otherwise not. This is a very easy task for a husband under normal conditions. Devahuti asked her husband, therefore, how to prepare herself for sex life according to the Vedic instructions. This ritual is more or less seeking the blessings of all the family members, friends, well wishers and ultimately the Supreme Lord Vishnu or Krishna to get a good child in the family.

There are several factors involved in this process including the spiritual consciousness of the parents, the health of the prospective parents, and astrological gabrhadhana. It is open affair. If the parents want a child in the godly qualities they should follow the ten principles recommended for the social life of the human being.

The purificatory activities zamskara even before the birth of a child, and the seed-giving reformatory process is called Garbhadhana-samskara. I have young disciples that are very much in love ,so just I am warning to please not fall into sex that is not for gatbhadhana children as it is a falldown from pure bhakti. That is not actual marriage, but a combination of men and women like cats and dogs. Sign Up or Sign In. And the child must be so good that he will take my instruction.

The remaining ten days are permitted, and the later nights are favored. It is not a secret thing.


Great householders pray to God to send His representative so that there may be an auspicious movement in human society. Paramananda das created this Ning Samskar. My he repeats the name of his wife Or he may repeat other verses prescribed.


He places them into the wombs of women who indulge in sexual intercourse regardless of the restrictions on time and circumstance. The prayer mainly was for a male child. Bhagavad-gita As It Is. There are many other considerations, especially character and taste. The conception of such great children is a science and not the mere byproduct of random recreational copulation on the part of the parents.

The birth of a human being is a great science, and therefore reformation of the act of impregnation according to the Vedic ritual called Garbhadhana-samskara is very important for generating good population.

Garbhadhana Samskara according to Vedas: That is not supported in civilized society of Varnashram. Kardama Muni desired to beget a child who would be a ray of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

What is Garbhadhana Samskara Samskara?

So where is this division? There is no question of performing this ritual for unmarried boys and girls staying together without being married and indulging in sex life.

Sometimes sex is engaged in only for sense gratification; such sex does not represent Krsna. They wanted first-class son, not sons like cats and dogs, first-class son. The purpose is there, that “I shall train my child how to stop death. That is Vedic injunction. Ning Create a Ning Network!

She should not be pregnant, nor should she have recently borne a child.