July 5, | La Gazzetta dello Sport. Presto in pista la Rumi Moto3 A Seriate ( Bergamo) presentata la Rumi Moto3 che disputerà il Civ (campionato italiano. sludges from on-site effluent treatment other than those mentioned in 07 05 07 05 13* solid wastes containing dangerous substances. 07 05 event highlights: June 21, Garden of Memory Oakland, CA USA. July 5, ROOM: 6 reeds & 18 ft of tubing. San Francisco, CA USA. July 26,

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Z has toured extensively throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. Read on for details Then, for some reason, the Mexican music switched to early Police, and we all gzzzetta the floor to finish the party in a flurry of jumping and pogoing to De do do do De da da da For booking inquiries contact Elisabeth Fazzetta at Circuit: She’s created installation works and composed scores for dance, film, and new music chamber ensembles.

Repubblica Esteri

The Room Series kicks off with a concert featuring double reeds. And, if you missed the premiere and would like a second chance to see the piece performed live, Kronos Quartet has scheduled a performance of it on their August 4th program at the Cabrillo Festival in Santa Cruz. PZ with friend at Museo Nacional de Antropologia. Something concrete to take home along with memories of new friends and good art!

But my Mexico City trip was on the opposite end of that spectrum.


Milan, Airc: ad El Shaarawy il Pallone d’Argento

August 9, ROOM: Pamela Z will join them to add a little voice 07-05-31 electronics to the labrosonic frenzy. We all danced and laughed so hard, we were exhausted.

Plenty of Art and more to come Gentle Gazzetta Readers, It’s been such a good and 07-05-1 year, I haven’t even had time to generate my little digital, supposedly quarterly, rag. This little digital gazette is published only 3 to 4 times a year. Do I have news for you? The program will feature continuous simultaneous performances by Bay Area composers, musicians, and other performers presenting a variety of acoustic and electronic music and video in different parts of the beautiful, Julia Morgan-designed building; the audience is free to move throughout the building during the performances.

Each will perform solo work and some possible duosand then they will all join forces for an ensemble finale.

PZ Gazzetta June

Along with the premieres of these two major new works, I had other performance opportunities. The festival organizers generously provided a full festival pass and lodging for the entire week-long event.

In the worst case scenario, I barely see more than the inside of my hotel, the inside of the venue during soundcheck and performance, and maybe a few sights from the taxi window to and from the airport.

The tape part consists of a text collage Gazzdtta constructed after interviewing around 25 English-speaking people with various regional American and foreign-language accents, and string parts I built largely from the rich, melodic material found in the speech fragments I used.


Winged PZ landed in Mexico City. Kronos rehearsing PZ’s piece in their studio. Our Carbon Song Cycle, a work for chamber ensemble and multi-channel, immersive video, was presented at the Berkeley Art Museum. A skeleton using the Eco-Bikes in Mexico City.

So, not only did I get to see all the other artists perform, I had plenty of time to see some Mexico City sights, frequent eating and drinking establishments, visit museums, hang out with a great group of lively locals, and forge new friendships with wonderful artists. June [pz gazzetta xv] view online. August 23, ROOM: And, at one point, a spontaneous all-men dance erupted and the rest of us just watched gazxetta those gorgeous, fluid-hipped, smooth-footed Mexican guys displayed their plumage.

July 5, ROOM: Vibrating vocal cords mediated circuitously through cryptic components will reverberate and richochet through the ROOM, finally resting gxzzetta your earnest, expectant ears.

July 26, ROOM: Yes, this summer brings the next four concerts of my little avant chamber series. Thus, it has been nearly 6 months since you’ve received an issue of PZ Gazzetta! Good Travels Although I was teaching a Spring semester visiting artist sound art class at San Francisco Art Institute, I still managed to get away and squeeze in some traveling engagements.